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Hey, sorry for the extremely late reply.
I have tried waiting for a very long time to be absolutely certain the tracks are loaded. It seems that, no matter what, there is always a small chance for the variable command to be completely ignored, and the track just plays from the beginning.
Could this be some weird quirk that only certain machines encounter?

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I haven't touched the pitch values whatsoever and the tracks are all of identical length. Here's what all my commands look like:

LoadBGM Factory_M1_3_CF alias=1_3
PlayBGM 1_3 variable instant

Hey HeroicJay, 

I excitedly bought your plugin for my game and it works just as I had hoped. Kinda...
It appears that the variable mix function just doesn't work sometimes, for no apparent reason. Most of the time it does, but every once in a while it decides not to.  This is particularly frustrating because I'm making a puzzle that relies on the music and the variable command.

Any insights?