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Benny D.

A member registered Dec 31, 2015

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I went back and it does look like the patterns change, so ignore my third comment!

Ah, Mr. Driller.  I couldn't count the hours I spent in my youth playing the PS1 and DS versions.

This port is a faithful adaptation of the arcade-style gameplay, and looks charming to boot.  The pixel animations are fluid and familiar-- Susumu's hair flys upwards as he falls!

I'd happily play this again.

My critique/suggestions for the game are as follows:

- Completely drilling an X block does not notify you of a 20% air loss.  This is noted in the how to play section, but most versions of the game display an indicator.

- When Susumu dies, any surrounding air capsules are destroyed!  Typically air capsules remain, allowing you to drill around them and carry them below (for when you need them).

- If you intend to expand on the game, look into some of the different block patterns/behaviors and songs (if this is in the game and I did not get far enough down, disregard).  One of my favorite parts of playing the PS1 Mr. Driller is digging far enough to get to the two-colored section and going into free fall.

Thanks for the Pico 8 port!  It shows a lot of love and care.

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I am a lot of things looking to help others

1.) Introduction

Hello! My name's Benny (They/Them)! Timezone: EDT (UTC -4)
I enjoy deconstructing games for programming and social purposes!
I'm looking to make small to medium contributions to one (or more, if allowed) teams.

2.) Skills

  • Music: 1 year composition (primarily chiptune), 12 years percussive, 4 years ukulele, 3 months piano, can sing
  • Programming: 6 years experience
  • Mathematics: Calc III, probability, some differential equations
  • Writing: 3.5 years proofing experience
  • Art: Can provide poor man's sketches, minor pixeling/spriting experience.

3.) Programs and Languages

  • Music: Famitracker, Milkytracker, Fl Studio 12, Audacity, PxTone, 3MLE
  • Programming: C++, C, Python, Qt
  • Art: Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio, Gimp
  • Other: GitHub, RpgMaker (95-XP, some VX Ace), RenPy

4.) Portfolio

I'm unable to provide a code portfolio.
Here's my soundcloud, though not all of my songs are on it.

5.) Contact

  • Slack: Benny / Polecats
  • Skype: ALEDelric
  • Twitter: @M1K4P

6.) Other

I have a strict work schedule that takes up most of my weekdays. This is why I'm looking to make small/medium contributions to one or more teams. In terms of content, you can throw almost any genre at me and I'll be excited. Likewise with any program; I pick things up quickly. I am also interested in amateur voice acting/narration if anyone is looking.