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I really enjoyed this! Everything in the playbook has a very distinct and atmospheric feel/aesthetic  to it that I can quite put into words, but I absolutely adored. While game mechanics can feel a bit complicated,  they're all really inventive and interesting to see play out. 

Would very much recommend to anyone who enjoys mythology and wants to make their own myths - playing as both powerful gods and legendary heroes.

I'm honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this little adventure. Using tarot cards as writing prompts was something new to me, but it was quite the experience. I also really liked the different questions (many of them were very creative) and some questions+tarot card combinations hit scarily close to home - I can see why they're used in the fortune telling lol.

The relationship between city-slicker Li and the Angel of Nature Uriel started as a friendly rivalry that became something more. With Li feeling a lack of control of his own life and Uriel feeling lost in a world she was too scared to interact with closely, they helped each other grow - Uriel pushed Li out of his comfort zone and Li showed Uriel that people could always use some help.

All in all, I had a lot of fun doing this. Anyone that wants to experience an interesting love story I would very much recommend trying this out. Get ready for lots of open tabs on the meaning of different tarot cards though!