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Nice. I am happy to see that you are back. Looking forward to your new game.

I am happy to see the game finally get a full release.

steam is so inconsistent with this kind of thing. I suggest putting the game on GOG as well.

I like your game. Especially love the art style.

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New engine and new model style? I look forward to tis but i will really miss old character models.

Good luck with new game.

Double standard crap. They have way worst on  the website.

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Congratulation on finishing the game. You animation is so unique. I realy like it. I look forward to see more work from you.

the boat is probably his next game. The shows must go on.

No, you unpack the new version and just launch from the new version. In my case, I can find my save file when I launch from the 0.4 game.

However, if it doesn't work for you, you have to go to the save directory located in your 0.3 game. Just type save in the search bar in game folder and copy it and put it in the right directory in the 0.4 games. You can google "how to put saves in a renpy game". 

I love your game. Great update so far. The plot reminds me of "EXECUTIONAL" Thai manga. You are getting better and better at making game.

huh, it doesn't delete anything just launch the new version.

I choose to Simp for Luna in this game. I love "Judy" in the first one but Luna is so sweet, like Judy.

Keep it up. beautiful art and concept.

Look super amazing!!

My best boy is finally here!!!!

I am glad that you are doing better. I am kinda sad that her boob is bigger. I have nothing against bigger boob but it is a bit cartoonish haha

The balloon boobs could be like a status effect that causes her boob to swell. But that would be too much work. 

Glory to Ukraine. I hope he stays safe and sound.

what does hunter instinct even do?

Totally. Time spend making game is better than porting game. I kid you not there are bunch of pro who will do it for free once the game is finished.

Take care of yourself and never give up. Rest, relax and I hope you get better.

Focus on the pc. You can port later. Or just wait for people to port it for you. 

Not from Skyrim mod?

I don't agree about reducing hp and loot. The combat at the moment is not very interesting. 

Yes. Combat is very repetitive at the moment. And there isn't many new cards to be excited about.

Good job. it is co;ing together now

You are doing the right thing. Don't push your health too far. Rest your body and your mind often. And keep a schedule so you don't get lost in time. It will help a lot. 

Really love your first game and this one looks epic.

Welcome back.

Get that vaccine bro/sis. I look forward to your next update

10/10 better than game of Throne

I love this game. Manlybadass hero plays this in his video. Keep on trucking. I hope you succeed in any game you make. 

Keep this up and never give up.

you work fast and hard. I love this. Your last game was amazing. Milfs are  treasures of the world.

DLC for discord and subscribestar.

Rheala is so pretty

how do you trigger the event do i have set the pc clock?

game looks really amazing!! Will try to support your development!

very unique and well made. Very happy to discover this game. All the kinks in this game are hard to find in other game. keep up the good work. 

I hope one day there will be sex animation for every sexual action in combat. Also if possible i would love armor break mechanic to have a visual effect on both side. I will support you fully when i have the mean to do so. Thank you very much

I mean a delay game is eventually good. good luuck for the future. I wish you success!!