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Meg (poisonmeganium)

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Okay they pretty much already were but all of yall have made it OFFICIAL CONFIRMED

Thanks Adelear! Sounds like you have a little leftie in you XD

Options menu may come a bit later as it got down to the wire, it's good to hear you weren't ear-blasted though! It will definitely be a QoL add later (:

I look forward to that update!! Would love to see how you push the limits further and further! (:

Very spoopy! The art is very good and the music made me feel like the boogeyman was around the corner with each turn. I didn't actually encounter this monster so I was a little disappointed but that could have just been back luck or playing. I would have liked to hear walking sound effects rather than gliding around but I know the limits of Contruct very well so overall this is a very impressive package!