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Pointless Monument

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Thanks so much! Pleased you all had such a good time - delivering that kind of experience to completely new players is exactly what I was aiming for.

Thanks very much! Would you object to me including the file (or a link to it) in the page itself?

Hmm, I've just tried opening it in Adobe, Chrome, Edge and Affinity - they all work fine. Simply closing it and opening it again/using something else might work?

All waste is stored and incinerated within Synergon-brand utility capsules. Do not overload the incinerator.

It's intended to be at most once in the next month, since it could be a re-roll on anything. However, I would suggest a way to expand it is that they can continue to deface/despoil the site to earn up to 1d6 re-rolls, but suffer increasing amounts of ire as they do so (weather changes, trees have hostile faces that appear as fleeting patterns in the bark etc)

Thanks for letting me know! This has now been fixed

Aha, good catch (exported without bleed - should be fixed now)

Glad you enjoyed it so much! And thank you for the kind words. What was the eventual outcome and did you run into any of the other hunters?