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Only one way to find out!

Great idea! I'm thinking of adding more platforms above and below so you can jump to different heights. That might add more depth cues. Thanks for the suggestions :)

Thanks for reviewing my game, subscribed! :)

Thanks so much!

Thank you!! I was thinking the same thing, definitely adding more shapes :)

Nice work! This game's even harder than mine hahaha. I appreciate the credit, too, thank you :)

WOWOOWOW!!! Amazing! Keep up the good work :)

Gotcha. I've been getting a lot of leaderboard suggestions. It's on my list :)

Yeah a little bit, minus the jumping

Niiice! I usually get to purple :)

Hahaha thanks, that made my day :D

Baby steps :D Good luck on your new channel!

Awesome! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for posting it on your YouTube channel! That must be why I'm seeing a spike in plays

On it! I'm working on a mobile version right now.

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback :)

Ah gotcha, I'll add some. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks, glad you liked it! I'm working on the mobile version :) There is sound if you turn it up a little bit. I'll see if I can make the volume a little louder.

Thanks! Please share it with your friends :)