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The fact that this is free is honestly amazing & astounding. Your work is really really good.

I am a newbie game developer and I wanted to make my first games from free asset packs, seeing as I don't know much about art & stuff like that. This may be an ambitious project to tackle as one of the first but I plan to use this to make one of my first games called "Itsy Bitsy Heroes" where Dwarf, Lizard, Blue Knight & Wizard are playable characters. I'll be sure to send you the game when I am done. :-)

PS: Where is the red light that the Wizard shoots?

You should go watch tutorials on Learn Unity, if you haven't already. There are many tutorials for what you need. Unity uses Animation & Animator to make stuff like this.

Holy fuck, this is actually insane. I'm actually gonna use this to make NPCs. Thank you.

Thanks, Sven! I'll be sure to send you the game when I eventually make it. :-) I'm a total newbie to this so it will take a while but I really do like your character design.

Hey Sven. I plan to use your characters as a main protagonist in a game where the character is initially as LightBandit, levels up and eventually becomes HeavyBandit at end game. I figured to ask if I may please use this in a free to play game?

I also noticed that this is titled "Premium", can you please explain what that means? Also, would you mind if I changed this asset in the game? For example, I would like to try & modify some colors of the HeavyBandit, such as giving him a golden sword.