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In the first zone-ish, I think, area (sorry, I should have take a screenshot), there are a bunch of octagonal pipes, it's around the area where the Flux thing is.  Anyway, if you walk off the completely level part of the pipe to the diagonal part you don't die, but you can't get back up either so you're stuck unless you fall off.

Sounds good!  I'll just play on my other computer for the time being :)

BEACON community · Created a new topic I'm that guy...
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Any chance of a Linux release?  :) If not I'm happy to use wine, although right now while it loads and runs in Wine it seems like mouse button input is ignored (mousing over UI elements highlights them, but clicking doesn't do anything).

I'm happy to report that current performance in Wine (once logging is disabled) seems to be pretty good - the menu UI was quite snappy.