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Thank you for letting us know!

We are planning to release the second demo in coming weeks with new bundled JRE version, which should work better than current one.

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Yes, the JRE is bundled with .exe and it shouldn't need any additional installations (when working correctly). 

Thank you for giving detailed info about your setup. We will give our best to fix the problem. 

We are sorry that you couldn't play the game. If it's possible, could you please give your computer specs? It would help us with the investigation. We'll do our best to get the fix done. 

Thank you.

Hi Jordan, 

Thank you very much for making the video! It was thrilling to see how exited you were while playing the game.
We are glad you liked it. There's more to come sooner than you might expect.

Also, congratulations for clearing the first chapter on hard ;)