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I had a great time playing this game, enjoyed all the different endings! 

This game had my heart racing! I thought grimace was kinda cute, until he chased me in a forest! Awesome short, spooky game :)

This Game was a spooky one! It was a solid adaption on the creepypasta. The sound effects really added a nice touch to the scares, I had a great time :)

This game was spooky! Its the first one I've played from this dev and I cannot wait to play more. Amazing horror game :)


I had a really fun  time playing this! The atmosphere was creepy and dark, in a great way. The story was mysterious and made you wanna keep powering through. The music was also spot on, thanks for putting in the hard work in making this!

This game was great, it had a balance of spooky and silly! The voice acting was top notch 10/10 :)

Ill never look at Mcdonalds the same way! Had a fun time playing, Short and spooky :)

This game had a great spooky atmosphere! Defiantly got me with some jump scares :) 

Short but I enjoyed my experience! Couple good scares :)