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This is said stream

Plumed basilisk! I found this game through the Twitch streamer renahiro. This game is amazing! It made me discover my love language and I cant wait to try my new found language out! Everyday when I wake up now I think about the game and how I should use the knowledge to match people! I dont know how life was before this game. All I think about is just my new love language. I breathe it, I eat it, I sleep with it. It is fire! Even waking up with it when the alarm hits you feels good and warm with it! I hope, that more people can discover their love language in the same way as I did. I will tell my children and grandchildren about this game! Its just wow Wow WOW! You can watch her stream as long as the vod is up (It was 10 days ago, so there wont be much time). THIS GAME IS A MUST!

Plumed basilisk!

Plumed basilisk!