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le coeur a ses raisons

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I ran into the above problem as well when trying the board for Saint Lazare: the board asks for a password.

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I'm sorry for the lack of a reply! The download works fine now 👌🏻 The lay-out does make it hard to read though, so I've committed to the pdf. 

(Found the first mistake I missed already. There just had to be one. Karma!)

I'm having a little trouble downloading the epub. It doesn't come up in the files after I press Download Now. Am I doing something wrong?

That's great! Thanks a lot.

Would it be OK to ask for a printer friendly version? I'd love to read this off of an A4, it's a little dense for my screen.

This is really beautiful.

Do I understand correctly that this playset ignores boons?

Great to see! :) 

It´s nice to know that you would first branch out to handle the pre- and post-race moves. It would be really interesting to see how the race could influence those and vice versa. 

This looks cool! I´d love to see a general plan for improvement to draw me in for a boost.

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Just two little comments: the clock graph next to the Alarm Clock section is parted six ways instead of four, and, in that section, the Alarm Clock seems to also be called a Threat Clock, which might be confusing.

The dice mechanics seems like it could result in some nice tough choices! I like that a lot.

Thanks for putting this up here. I had a lot of fun making a digital mess of my character sheet as well - inspired by this comment! (My gull ate a little better. She was feeling so-so, and wanted revenge on the tiny man with the magic barrier.)

Thanks a lot!

Hi! I'm a little late to mention this. But I would be very grateful for a b&w version, to spare my poor printer's ink. Would that be possible?

I second this need!

Very clear, and so nice of you to take the time to explain!

I'm having a lot of fun working my way through the Playkit, imagining how a game of Ryne would look. And I'm listening to your game with Jeff Stormer right now.

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I have a mechanics question. I hope this page is the right place to post those. 

In several instances a move says to 'hold 1', sometimes after removing or adding stitches. I've did a search through the Playkit but I've failed to find an explenation on how holding works in general. Is it possible to explain this briefly or point me to the page or section where I could learn to understand this? 

This is the first PbtA-game I've read, so that might be why I'm having a little trouble. 

I too would be interested in this!

Thanks for making this pdf a little more printer-friendly!

The playtest materials are free!