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Only tried out walking home so far but I love it - love the way the movement sounds interact with the soundtrack! Looking forward to using the other ones!

YES! I loved Lonesome Desert so much and was sad I couldn't find anything else that felt quite like it - I'm so excited to play this!

I love the Quiet Year - and San Tilapian Studies sounds So Cool! Thanks for the recs

Thanks! I love playing stuff like that too - do you have any recommendations?


This is so cool! Took me a while to get used to finding the next bit of the story but I'm amazed with how many options and endings there are in such a small amount of space.

Thanks! Yeah I considered cutting some of the prompts to give more space but in the end was too attached to most of them!

Not necessarily v. developed inspiration, but I absolutely loved this from The Literature Machine in terms of thinking about player actions

Every animal, every object, every relationship took on beneficial or malign powers that came to be called magical powers but should, rather, have been called narrative powers, potentialities contained in the word, in its ability to link itself to other words on the plane of discourse.