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Thank you so much !

I am kicking my feet and giggling in the middle of class ! I am so glad !

Congrats !

Anyone has news of the devs ? I remember that they used to make dev logs pretty frequently... I hope they are okay

Omg I am so glad I feel like someone up there heard my prayers ! Thank you so much !!!

Thank you !

Gilded Shadows community · Created a new topic Order ?

Hi, thank you for this fabulous game !

I just bought the game on steam and was wondering if there is a prefered order to romance the LI ?

I had so much fun haha thank you for creating this masterpiece

Thank you for answering and creating this wonderful (and challenging) game !

Is a walkthrough available somewhere ? I'm struggling haha

There is !

I started the game when I was Louiver years old and now I am Emer years old hihi. Thank you for this amazing game !

Thank you for answering so fast, I completely understand. I was so frustrated when I saw that she was the only one with a changed charadesign...

Thank you !

I haven't played the game yet but I'm curious, why the gorgeous woman in the banner picture is darkskinned with kinky hair and in all the other pictures she's lightskinned with long curls and just looks completly different ? I was so excited for a vn with a darkskinned woman for once....


I just played the game and got stuck at the end of Nikolai's route when we must find the code to neutralize DAI. I looked in our community hub and someone said it was "through the harships to the stars". I tried four times with no succes, do I have to go through other routes before trying again ?

Gorgeous art !

Cute art and super story!

It's my birthday today so I really feel blessed !

it is !

There were some bugs so I coudn't finish the game but I really loved it ! Very fascinating and replayable !

Thank you for answering so fast ! A part of me wishes the game will never end haha.

This game is really my favorite visual novel ! All the characters have their own essence and vibe I can't believe it's free ! I was wondering how much chapter there will be and how much time there is during chapters releases ?

Congratulations ! I hope we'll be able to customize her appearance.

Okay thank you for the explanation, I'm about to pay it haha 

So the route depends of the color we choose or will it come later ?

This game is insane ! I cannot believe we can play it for free ! Every character are so complex and well written, every love interest brings a new facet of the MC to light. The plot is closer to a fantasy novel than a visual novel beacause it treats of politic, sacrifies, and even racial prejudices; and this is what I love the most. 

I can't donate but I'm so excited for you !