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i mean like homebrew on wii u not discs

what about wii u?

many games run fast on a wii u

Owner You Should Try to port this to mobile, Ds, Wii, and psp

Remeber me?

I dont like the gang signs

Will someone please reply to my finobe archive post please

Epix m8

Oh hey mr_loolklo its me ohhhpizzahut

please tell me i really want to add them to novetus!

just wondering

Uh a early 2008 client?

wow well how about an unofficial 2005 client I don’t think this is possible but I’m just wondering

How about packages?

can someone tell me how to make some extras in the avatar editor?

Well Zqndified how would i make a 2012 client without using one of those weird addons

please? i really wanna make a 2014 client

Tbh it wont work i tried it but it did nothing

I think there was  but its no avalible anymore


just wondering because i really want to test roblox's classic gears in the older clients

Weird wont run probs just a glitch

Pretty good emu just needs a way to change the controls because i dont know the controls also it ran my rom hack so thats good.

umm I can only buy demo :( I have no money :(



it is broken :(


hi play my 0 player game it is fun to watch. download to play press file and upload from computer. to download the scratch 3.0

your welcome!

How do i explain this... why aare the controls reversed and a ball i too fast. its an ok game.

Not much, but cool game tho.

I LOVE THIS GAME! it was very fun and there was a happy ending. :)