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Great game! I liked it a lot! :)

A side note, I didn't have any sound except for music when playing in browser. Tried adjusting the volume in-game and it didn't work. Downloaded it and the sounds played fine. Was using Firefox if you wanted to look into it.

Thanks or the response! My resolution is 1360 x 768.

I've been surfing Itch for random games to play and I have to say, I like this one a lot! Love the art style and music, and I especially love the bouncy animation. 

Only issues I have with the game have already been said it seems; Charge Jump didn't really seem intuitive to me and I think it'd be nice to remap controls. Not a fan of A to attack and B to jump.

 Otherwise, great job!

A nice, charming little game! Controls can feel a little stiff at times, but otherwise good job! Wish there was more to it like new areas or different guns to choose from.

A nice little game! Was playing random games and this one caught my eye. I have some notes:

  • The game doesn't seem to fit my monitor size. Anything below "Help" on the main menu is cut off.
  •  When going to the "Help" section, I have to use alt + F4 to re-open the game because the options to go back are also cut off. Maybe add ESC as an alternative method.
  • Some enemies seemed invisible? I wasn't sure if it's something that happens when charging the trumpet, or do you take damage if you hold a charge for too long?

Good job for a first release though! :)