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I aboslutely LOVE this game! Played it all the way through. The story is just fanTASTIC, the art is BEAUTIFUL, the music is PERFECT! Loved every little detail about the game.

::Spoiler Portion::

Although the ending was kind of predictable, my FAVORITE stories are the ones where you're the bad guy of the story. But once again, beautiful art, beautifully pieced together, beautiful music. Everything just AH! MUAH! MUCH LOVE!

REALLY good game!!! Honestly scared the living crap outta me while playing!! If I were you, I'd be super proud of that, because normally it takes A LOT to scare me. A LOT! Yet you managed to pull that off!! But I had fun playing, and screaming, and choking on my spit from inhaling lots of air from a jumpscare. (and I accidentally had my computer on full volume when I started. Hehe...whoops.)