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Pliant Press

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Hm... a few hours probably? I'd say at least 3-4 sittings. It's about three times longer than the first one if that helps you gauge its length.

I'll probably scale it back down next time; this took waaay too long to finish. :-p

Somehow I *just* noticed this post--thanks so much for the write-up!

Completely agree with your points. Part of the reason I established early on that Santa is  a real guy in this universe is so people would realize the whole thing was silly, and wouldn't make a serious effort to solve the "mystery".

I do hope to add in music/sound at some point, and am working on a sequel as well!

Hey there:
Nope, didn't pay anything. It says it's sorted by popularity, so I assume it just happens automatically if your game gets enough downloads. (I'm just guessing though.) For downloads, it's gotten a little over 200 so far.

Thanks for the kind words! I completely agree that the lack of sound/music is a big oversight; hoping to add that in at some point.