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Thanks so much for the kind words, it means a lot!
I have a vague idea for the next one, but it'll probably be a while before I could even think about starting it; I just started a new job so my free time is a bit scarce. But as I say I really appreciate the kind words! 

Oh no, you're right!
I've fixed it in the script, and will upload the new version with the fix at some point. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the feedback! I completely agree that it should be formatted so that the speaking character is highlighted in some way; hoping to improve in that regard for future projects!

Hm... a few hours probably? I'd say at least 3-4 sittings. It's about three times longer than the first one if that helps you gauge its length.

I'll probably scale it back down next time; this took waaay too long to finish. :-p

Somehow I *just* noticed this post--thanks so much for the write-up!

Completely agree with your points. Part of the reason I established early on that Santa is  a real guy in this universe is so people would realize the whole thing was silly, and wouldn't make a serious effort to solve the "mystery".

I do hope to add in music/sound at some point, and am working on a sequel as well!

Hey there:
Nope, didn't pay anything. It says it's sorted by popularity, so I assume it just happens automatically if your game gets enough downloads. (I'm just guessing though.) For downloads, it's gotten a little over 200 so far.

Thanks for the kind words! I completely agree that the lack of sound/music is a big oversight; hoping to add that in at some point.