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GMEdit community · Created a new topic Excelent job!
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Hi! GMEdit  is becoming more and more usefull!

I just find that when you put a new action in GML 1.4 it does not appear in GME. For example I added "Draw End" and nothing appears in GME (on the right panel - Outline), I have to restart it. (Maybe that is a known issue.)

Also a question: how to create a new object? There is a "create" in the context menu when I click on the left, but it is inactive.

Thank you!

I see you made it! Thank you!

Н⩓ᎻᚤᎻɅ ʏ𝕠𝕦 𝕞aᑯе мʏ daу﹗

I hope you will implement that some day.

GMEdit community · Created a new topic Split view

Hi, is it possible to split the view so I view one tab on the left and another on the right? I cant remember did I saw that in your editor or in Notepad++ or somewhere else...

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That editor is excellent :)
The only thing I wish there is bold #event - and maybe bigger... I want to see it faster. Sure some of the themes could be modified by the user but if you do that will be very good.

Also got a question: how do you restore original thumbnail of folder/file?

Another one: is it possible to put 2 stage icon - folder-opened folder?

Yet another post: is it possible to fold everything on the object? I must manually fold every event and {s.