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Loved the idea of trying to make your way down to the surface of the planet. Exciting to see the ground getting ever closer.

Game was a little difficult to play - sometimes enemies would spawn mid-screen making it impossible to avoid them. Props for getting it to mobile though!

Also, playable on Linux but not Mac? Come on man.

Loved the characters and the writing. I found the white text on light blue background really hard to read though. Also, the game seems to lock up on me after I jumped out the window. :(

Looks great - Nice 'Destroy All Humans' vibe going on. Would have liked the difficulty progression to be a bit steeper, or to see the addition of attacking enemies. Aside from the bugs others have mentioned in the spawning, the game doesn't feel challenging until the later level. Liked the animation on the building destruction too.

Really enjoyed this. Nice treatment of the theme, good progression of difficulty, and sweet dabbing moves.

Nice treatment of the GS platformer. Great visuals and enjoyable level design. Thought the lamps were a really nice touch. Would have liked to see a clearer score counter, or maybe an end screen with my total diamonds collected vs total available in the level.

Enjoyed the basic puzzle element of this, though I would have liked a more fluid rotational control on the ball.

Fun theme, and nice an simple to understand. Could have done with an easier difficulty curve though!

Enjoyed the joke. Seems like such a shame to be playing it with the hardware though :(