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Thank you for your kind words! As for Omnipedia, we made it using Drupal. Here's a link to a blog post that details the process:

We've also open-sourced our development process on GitHub:

Hello! Thank you so much for your purchase ^_^

The Pipeline starter notes are indeed a suggestion for what mysteries to pursue in the world of 2049. As for knowing when an episode is complete, that's really up to your own judgment. Each episode comes with a new set of articles and edits to old ones, so you can browse Omnipedia in such a way that you check all available updates per episode and then click through to the next one. In the end though, there's no right way to dive into Neurocracy 2.049, you can also click Random article and see if that takes you somewhere interesting >_>

The articles themselves are locked for editing, but Omnipedia's talk pages are wide open for your contributions :)

Neurocracy was in the works before Hypnospace Outlaw was revealed, but its release definitely inspired us, and made us hopeful there was an audience for us out there :)