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Edición limitada de 5 grandes juegos para ZX Spectrum y Amstrad CPC.

- Mabus Mania DeluxeEdition (ZX)

- Space Racing (ZX)

- Agatha (ZX)

- War Saga (ZX)

- Black Sea (CPC)

Puedes hacerte con ellos en el siguiente enlace:

Sólo hasta el 27 de noviembre de 2022. Envíos a todo el mundo.


Limited edition of 5 great games for ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.

- Mabus Mania DeluxeEdition (ZX)

- Space Racing (ZX)

- Agatha (ZX)

- War Saga (ZX)

- Black Sea (CPC)

You can get them at the following link:

Only until November 27th, 2022. Shipping worldwide.

muchísimas gracias. 🥰🥰🥰

Hello, did you considered a physical edition? I could manage to do it possible. You may contact me in GREAT JOB!

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so great!!! Do you have an E-mail  or Telegram. Please, write me and we can discuss how to proceed. 

Hello; We do games for MEgadrive. Do you think we could port to real Megadrive? My mail is It should be great! Greetings and thanks a lot :)

THANKS A LOT! I´ll check as soon as possible :) You are you kind!!!

Red Planet CPC 1.1 community · Created a new topic Thanks

muchas gracias a todos. Es un juegazo y atemporal. En cuánto podamos lo completaremos con el .dsk.

Un saludo y disfrutadlo

thanks all! It,s awesome game now and ever. We will add .dsk the faster the sooner. Greetings and enjoy it!

Thanks a lot, It´s a great video! And you have a wonderful voice! love your accent! :)   It´s a underrated  game! it´s funny and very difficult. There is a trick hidden by the way! 

Thanks a lot!! you are very kind :) Enjoy it


Hello! Thanks a lot. Sure we will publish it as soon as possible. :) You may join our newsletter in greetings

Thanks to all! We updated to 1.1 with your great feedback. 💪

Hello; Thanks a lot. I reported to Salva to have a look. We really appreciate your support and help. If we can, we will solve all those possible problems and make a better game to enjoy!

ey!! Yes! And with lot of love ❤️

Thanks a lot!! hope you enjoy this amazing game!

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Megadrive port of the game created  by Locomalito and Gryzor in 2010, it is an icon of the homebrew development. It brought back the mechanics of the videoadventures so classic in the 80’s microcomputers. A demanding game where you will have to control Jean Reymond, a  Cathar monk , to escape to a fatal fate at the hands of the Crusade knights who want to hunt him. It was originally released for PC and then ported to a multitude of systems. Tour the author's website for more information: 

We want from this moment to thank all who have collaborated to make this edition possible, because with their selfless work and dedication for months have made possible that today you can buy L'Abbaye des morts for Megadrive (Locomalito, Gryzor, Mun, Darkhorace, Fran, Dani Nevado, Alfonso, Igor, Gerardo, Manuel Gómez, Manuel Millán, Rubén, Bruce, Stef, José Zanni, David Lara , Leander, Jose Antonio, Borja, Migue, Salva, Ricky and Felipe), but above all ... thanks to you! 


hehehe that's true:


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Hello; I created my page and posted the games we edited physically for download. there are three, one is Miniplants, by Sik that has its own itch page to download and 2 Zx Spectrum games to play in emulator or real machine: Red Planet and Car Wars by Salva Kantero.

Hope you like and enjoy

Thanks a lot