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Ah, will check that issue. Thanks!

And I think I'll add some more text to that first pop-up to explain movement (I know there are better ways, but it's OK for the current scope)

I wouldn't mind adding content, I like how it plays! But I also think there's not much more to it without adding new game mechanics. My early plans included multiple locations, more enemies and weapons, skill checks (like classic eings to fly through) But keeping in mind it's a game made for a movie festival, I kept it shot. Last year's game (Nosferatu: Rites of the Skull Cult, also in this itchio account) ended up being way too big! :D

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Not really, why? I'll update if bugs are found, but it's a short game for a film festival :)

Control takes a while because of rotation speed, but does it make sense? Once you understand that you can't turn as fast as you want - because the plane can't, at first, it makes sense, doesn't it? Or is it the 'point somewhere and the plane goes there' way of controlling the plane?

In the original idea Kong traveled around the globe climbing well known towers, but that would require a larger budget to add new weapons, enemies, locations... 

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Thanks for playing! Indeed, the plane takes its time to turn at first. But if you level it up it will turn much faster!

Done :D

Thanks for playing! (Y otro abrazo desde Tenerife) :D

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I hide it so you can enjoy your frog, but it's true that it would make things easier to understand! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Not the best place to drive, indeed : )

Not in real life, right? RIGHT?

I seriously hope you mean just in this game!

Lol, can be read that way, yes.

Thank you a lot for playing and sharing! I love how so many good ideas come up in game jams. Nothing like designing under strong  restrictions!

I'm so sorry. That's indeed a coitus interruptus.

More games should allow you to do that :D Thanks for playing!

They DO. Thanks for sharing! :D

Oh thank you! :D

Hope you had fun! :D

Hehe, just wait for the After Jam Update ;D


Thank you a lot for your kind words and for sharing gameplay! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :D

¡Muchísimas gracias! La versión más actualizada es la de Switch, aunque esta de itchio es la más fiel a lo que hicimos originalmente (en la de Switch por ejemplo desaparecen los guiños a varias películas en la primera fase). Y sí, es dificilillo, pero no imposible :D ¡Gracias por jugar y por tu comentario!

WHAAAAT? That's huge! :D We have been considering releasing this on Steam but never took the step. Maybe now we will! Thanks for sharing!

Oh damn, yes, I have to update it! Thanks!

Have a look at  and marvel. There are a tons of good games, the console is a wonder. But best of all, the community around it!

Thanks for playing!

¡Muchísimas gracias por el comentario! Sube mucho la moral :D Sí que nos hemos planteado reaprovechar el arte y hacer algo más completo para Steam. ¡Si el tiempo y la vida nos deja quién sabe! El primer juego que hicimos con este festival acabó en la Switch pasados los años, igual le damos una oportunidad a este también. ¡Gracias por jugar!

LOL I just realized that the downloadable version was tagged for LINUX and it was a WINDOWS version!! I've fixed that O:)

We fixed the 'Continue game' bug! It was a last minute change than totally broke that feature : )

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Thanks a lot for playing and sharing! Hope you had fun :)
It seems there's a bug when Continuing from the main menu, right? We'll have a look! Sorry for that :(

It's in the downloads section! :D

Lol, yes, there was a screenshot but now I can't see it. I think you got the idea, anyway :D

See that blood mana at the center of the screenshot? I placed a Blood Sliner on top of it and it spawned to tiles to the south, crossing a wall tile. I mean, it's cool for me, I'm trapped in there, but maybe it was not the intended behaviour?

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That's when you use the jetpack! You have a split second when your feet are burning before dying. If you are fast you can jump back to safety :D Thanks for playing and showing! (will watch the video tomorrow) ;)

Haha, thanks!! Did you finally try that idea you told me about?

Whenever I try to add an image to a collection description the image seems to load and appears at the bottom of the collection page, and I can't continue editing the description. I tried on Firefox and Chrome and none worked as I expected (meaning I can't insert an image on a collection description)

You should be able to do it! Press Z to shoot left, X to shoot right! :)

Great graphics and even better sound effects! Lovely game, well done!

Yes, the PC version may be a bit chaotic, it came directly from the arcade machines version with very little changes. I have to check it out... Hope you enjoy the game, though!

Oh I see... Wasn't it Z/X to attack and block/dash? Or N/M. Certainly not space!

Ouch, sorry to hear that - What device are you using? Keyboard? Gamepad?

IT LOOKS AMAZING!! I should build one of those for myself :D Thank YOU for playing!