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Whenever I try to add an image to a collection description the image seems to load and appears at the bottom of the collection page, and I can't continue editing the description. I tried on Firefox and Chrome and none worked as I expected (meaning I can't insert an image on a collection description)

You should be able to do it! Press Z to shoot left, X to shoot right! :)

Great graphics and even better sound effects! Lovely game, well done!

Yes, the PC version may be a bit chaotic, it came directly from the arcade machines version with very little changes. I have to check it out... Hope you enjoy the game, though!

Oh I see... Wasn't it Z/X to attack and block/dash? Or N/M. Certainly not space!

Ouch, sorry to hear that - What device are you using? Keyboard? Gamepad?

IT LOOKS AMAZING!! I should build one of those for myself :D Thank YOU for playing!

Mmm Could it be there are more devices than players? I think there's a bug in this line in MAINMENU_UPDATE: 

 for i=0,2 do

Maybe it should be i=0,1. Can you try that, please?

Updated! Downloadable version now includes p8. Please, PLEASE, send me a photo with that beauty running the game! It looks gorgeous! 

Updated! You can stomp on enemies now :D

Wait for an update, I'll do it sooner than later ;D

Uooo, as in jumping from a building on top of tanks/soldiers?

Mmm... Would you mind if I added it to the downloadable pack you get when you buy it?

Here's our game! War never changes, but let's try to ease its effects :(

Haha, no, I draw as hobby :D But your words cheer me up!

Glad to read it, thanks for testing! It's much more comfortable for playing two players ;)

It's also me (programmer). Love to read someone likes the style :D I have some more drawings here, but I'm mainly a programmer.

I just tried the last version and it begins in full screen mode (but there's still no way to quit except for ALT-F4) O:)

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Which system, which controllers? I'll have a look.

Note: I just downloaded the last version and tried my generic gamepad for one player and keyboard for the second player, and it worked... 

On the player selection screen, as soon as you press any button on a device it will be assigned to player1. Next device will be player 2. Then you hold p1's attack and a bar fill fill, starting the game. Then the game is playable. 

My gamepad is very generic, which one is yours? Can you play just with keyboard? (WASD + n + m)

If you want 2 players you need a keyboard and a gamepad, at least. It should detect them as soon as to press a button on the device!

Great game, well done! Had lots of fun. It's like the turn based version of one of my own! :D

OUCH :D Didn't we add a quit button in the last version? Maybe we didn't. In relation to full screen, have you tried with ALT-ENTER? I thought it was full screen by default, because the game was originally created to play in a custom arcade machine! Maybe we messed up something in the last update! I'll check it. Meanwhile, have you tried ALT-ENTER to maximize?

¡Estupendo! Muchísimas gracias de nuevo.  Me pasaré por el blog a ver qué más tienen por ahí :D

¡Chulísima la traducción! Tengo planes de jugarlo con mis hijos en breve.

Me lie un poco con tanto archivo y al final me he hecho más o menos esta composición:

Cómo jugar viene en las páginas A, B, 1-10 de Juego de Rol.pdf

El resto de los pdf también vienen en ese pdf original, pero encuentro mucho más útil el formato a dos columnas simulando el original que se mantiene en esos pdf sueltos. ¿Tienen planeado volver a publicarlo en el formato apaisado original? ¿Y hay alguna versión sin el fondo beige para que sea menos costoso imprimirlo? 

¡Muchísimas gracias por todo el esfuerzo!

Flipante el uso del color para ir avanzando en la historia. ¡Buenísimo!

So cute <3 I got him on my first try!

Thank you a lot for the feedback! Yeah, maybe the PS2 controller is way too much. I've tried a PS4 controller and that works. 

Seriously, controller programming and configuration is one of the things I dislike most from videogame development ':( Programming videogames is difficult enough. Dealing with input devices and adding the in-game tools to allow users to configure them is hellish, way more in multiplayer games.

We just updated the game, ideally to fix control issues. I would love to hear from you!

Just tried myself and found that if there is something that the game thinks it's a controller (an actual controller in my case), the keyboard won't work for player1 :( But the controller did. 

We have a new version that handles controllers (and keyboard) way better in the works, but have found no time to properly test it and upload yet! I'll try to find some time this weekend to check it out.

Sorry :(

Woa, sorry we didn't read this. Seems weird - see other comments, people are playing. We'll have a look into the installer thing, because we certainly didn't do anything related to that :(

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Thank you for playing and for such kind words :D

Well, no, it was not obvious, sorry. But you are right! Thanks for the tip! We totally forgot non-QWERTY layouts.
We are preparing an update where device selection is way more easy. We'll try to add remapping!

Basic goblin loves this comment

Ouch, what's the problem? Unfortunately no, there's no way to rebind keyboard controls :(

Oh, indeed, there's no Mac build! We are not planning to add it soon, but we will do it as soon as possible :D

Thanks for the suggestions!

This game was created for a specific hardware in mind, and played on that hardware when it was released.  It had an analog joystick and two buttons, so we mapped the game to be playable on that: joystick moves and jumps, one button attacks, one button defends AND dashes if defend while moving. 

We didn't have 4 buttons to map all actions that way, and even though, for an arcade (an actual arcade machine), wouldn't 4 buttons be too much?

Then we release with minor adaptations to be playable with PS4/xBox controllers. I guess PS3 too, but we haven't tested.

We might consider this remapping on a future release, though. Thanks!

Let's keep The Bungle growing! Here's an old-school-inspired beat'm'up with a fun story

YAY! :D Thank you for your patience!

Hi again! Sorry for the delay, we took a loooong xmas vacation! I've prepared a download key that I would like to send you, but I can't send a private message here :/ Could you please write us to I'll send it to you by email!

Aaagh :D I'll ask the team if they remember the name. Otherwise don't worry, we would send you the game somehow!