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Thx alot its a great minigame ^^

Hey, how to access the minigame ??? if I have to beat a boss or smth pls make a button on the main menu to insta access the game mode^^

guys whens the next update

If you have cheat engine on the device then start by changing from 4 bytes to double. Then find the ammo type you want infinite of.  For example you have 20 shells.  Type in 20 in the search box of cheat engine. Use a weapon which uses shell ammo. It does not matter how much ammo it uses as long it uses shells. So let's say your weapon uses 3 bullets per shot. Now that the value has changed from 20 to 17 type in 17 instead of 20 and press next scan. The result it shows will range from 1 to 4 results (may be more I'm not sure). If there is one result,  right click on it and click on change value of selected address. Change it whichever  value you want. It can even be over the max capacity.  In case there is more than one value it's the same steps. Select all of the values and change the values to whatever you want. If you need any help with hacking this game feel free to ask me.

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looks like i`ve had a lot of fun with cheat engine. this is the fourty nineth room of the endless area

Here`s an idea that I thought of today: the price for attaching modifiers should bee zero in the bonus stages after the boss so we dont have to worry about the price of the modifier like I only have x amount of coins so I cant make my gun shoot faster without more coins

hey I found a bug where if you have the crown that makes enemies go to sleep and challenge alkai he bugs out and spams all his attacks at you

hope you can fix this ^^

thank god those black  bars are gone

Im playing this in firefox and the enemies are super fast and hard to hit

good job on passing your exams! I am so happy to get more updates for this game

1 hour in the new patch and I found every new thing,even the secret enemy which is a *SPOILER WARNING*

mimic modifier chest, and I think it should have a little less health as when I first encountered it in the first map choice it got me to 1 hp,but I found the healing chest in the next room
. Also This is one of my favourte games, keep up the good work ^^

I just got the homing chip and ha the smart pistol on hand, so I used the chip on the smart pistol, and it was wayy smarter and could hit enemies behind a wall with a gap in it. Also great game. ^^

Another bug. Sometimes I cannot even leave the room if I dont kill some enemies. It sounds harmless, but it forces you to challenge bosses when you do not want to.

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Hey. I just found a bug in the alkai boss fight. when you challenge him while jumping he just uses all his attacks like melee and the fire on the floor and there is no escape and you just die. hope the next patch gets out as soon as possible. Have a great day ^^

edit: It can also happen when you take out a lot of his health when the fight starts.

sorry for the late reply, exams really been killing me for the past few days. But the game feels better than ever! way more fun and hopefully it releases this year ^^

also another bug that when I had the ring that makes the enemy explode when affected by fire and ice elements the game just showed an error text saying that it was not implemented yet

right now in version 4.1 there is a bug where I cannot use my upgrade points. hope you can fix this cause it really is annoying^^