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lovely atmosphere and adorable drawings! I rate it a lesbillion out of ten! i did wish it had a reset button for after i die in the first second so i didnt have to hit the bunnies over and over to reset myself as that was frustrating. also wish there we're a trans character (might not appeal to everyone but i think it'd be cute and fit the game!). other than those two points, I find this game to be the perfect execution of what it tries to be and adore it!!!! :3 also in the future basic gamepad functionality might be cool because id love to play it w a joystick ,my fingers hurt after going for all eggs with two of the six girls hahaha! also Marshmallownie Sadbury is the cutest thing in the universe and I wanna kiss her so gently saoidjfopisajf0i´sajdo 

happy to tell we moved in together and though money is hard and all we still together going strong :3

This was a great read I loved it. Reading it with my girlfriend (fiance is everthing goes well in the near future!) was a great bonding moment. I've no complains about it. great 10/10 ❤

press F5 to restart the game i think

i forgot to add that a cool thing would be some thinner or semi transparent strike FX for that competitive edge haha

This demo is amazing. honestly as is it could very well be a stand alone arcade game. the gameplay look is adictive, and even without the NSFW aspects the game feels extremely rewarding to play! only problem is that there's not much to keep you coming back but i reckon the campain will solve that. great game 10/10. (on a more personal note, i love the inclusion of Skye as a trans woman, this kind of representation is just pure gold :D I'd support the team if i could but i did spread the word about the game haha. thanks <3)

Great little exploration of queer ideas. the pronoun room actually helped me :) Love it!!!


THIS IS TOO CUTE MY GAY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT it weird to make myself (trans mtf) with this? 

depression but you pretend you're happy. 8/10 she's me but I'm ugly as hell

No need to kill someone on xD

a rushed game is forever bad. a delayed one will be forever better