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The music was torture. A high pitched whistling noise on loop... I couldn't get far enough to shut it off, if that was even an option.

Great game. I feel bad for mom, relegated to the kitchen with few needs of her own being a concern.

Well said!

Yeah, so it looks like you sold half a game. Thanks a lot for trying to be tricky with your prices, I now own an incomplete game that is no longer in print.

Hey, is this game playable with a single deck of cards, or did I pretty much waste my purchase on your "single deck" option on KickStarter? I don't understand the point of offering one deck if I need two, this has sort of ruined the entire thing. 

I had a lot of fun! I would love to see a feedback link inside the game, rather than filling this with tester opinions because this is truly a fun little game, and the perfect length demo.

Thanks! That's pretty exciting. I'll be hopping on board later this year because of budgeting, but looking forward to it!

What did you use to make your hexmap and is that file included?

I would love to check this out, but am afraid to splurge that amount when it sounds like maybe this project stalled out? Does anyone know?

Depending where you are in the galaxy you might get 0003 first. Check your station's incoming manifest!

Any chance of seeing this in print?

Yep! It's up, and I left you a rating.

Hello, I'm interested in grabbing your print version, but there are no files posted.  Thanks!

I don't know what I just read, but I like it!

I love the art direction especially on this one, and the printer-friendly version is absolutely gorgeous for you home-printers.  Enjoyable nods to other sci-fi stories with twists throughout.  It would be good to see a booklet version of the printer-friendly spreads for those without full-duplex printers, and so that we don't have to split the beautiful cover art and the map in the middle of the book, but it did not harm the end product.

I understand, I had a massive loss years ago during a traumatic move, and I never quite recovered from that professionally because I didn't return to making stuff until recently.  I constantly keep forgetting how many large obstacles COVID has put in our way, but it's important to remember that some things you didn't have control over. I hope you still find the joy and relief in creativity that brought you here in the first place. 💜

I look forward to hearing about better times, I'm sorry you had to deal with all of that.  The human world that sustains us is horrific, and you deserve more stability and empathy.

The DLC that Chess always needed!

These are getting better and better! 💜

Thank you so much!  Accessibility is getting a stronger foothold in our hobby and it's really making a lot of people feel good. ❤️

I love the setting you are building here, as well as the modularity of it.  I see this as a fantastic setup for a mystery the PCs would be meant to solve.  Especially if they have been playing long enough to have money to throw around, I could see making them invest to gain access to places for investigatory reasons.  Making them strategize around this whole social system could serve as a very cool alternative to combat.

Really awesome of you to consider Accessibility.  Thank you.

Oh yeah of course.  I'm not frustrated, I just own most of what is on TKG already. 😅 When stuff ends up at Exalted Funeral, there is usually other stuff I want to order to offset the pamphlet shipping. But I will definitely pick up the digital for now. Great work here.

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Really enjoying this! Just wanted to throw out that a bug in the game I played was during the RE: Today's Meeting email.

The line that gets stuck is 'I hired someone from an outside'..., then you have to hit space twice to progress to the next line.

I would also like to throw out suggestions, like upgrades we can buy to off-set single mistakes.  Maybe like "White out" or something?  And it would be cool to be able to buy different music. (Sorry if these are in the game already, but I'm still progressing) ;)

Hey, so I went to order from TKG, but they are charging $4.50 to ship just the pamphlet.  Will this be in any other stores?

This is awesome!!  I cannot believe I've been missing out on this for 75 days!  (Wanted to also let you know that this is not tagged as Mothership, which may be why I didn't get to give you my money yet).  I will be buying the physical now to support you. <3

I absolutely enjoyed this.  It felt very much in line with some of the most solid Mothership modules out there:  Many possibilities, a strong background story, things for players to discover, and the encounter builder adds up to a lot of play out of a single piece of paper!  This is work I will follow. 🙇‍♂️

Grabbed this in the name of the lovely recovering doggo, and one of these guys stole my watch.  Keep your eye on the one in the hat.

I can't wait to see it! 

This is great!  I really enjoyed this.  Right now the Mothership Discord is running a "Lo-Fi Zine Jam", where ppl are making pamphlets like this that would be written by a character in the galaxy.  This would be a great submission!

I often do! But you have been generous enough to price your work at the minimum $1 and I will support you!  I'll leave a review too. :)

Those community copies went incredibly quickly! I hope those people play test the module and report back here.

Found this AI generated image and was struck by how well it fits!

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VIBES.  The music is really spot-on, with a very distinct chiptunes set reminiscent of early Gameboy games.  The menus and animations even have something to the quality.  Dunno if this is a hack or not, but wow, the dev really hit all the sweet spots.

I had intended for this to be a 5-star review, but itch is not letting me paste text in the review section unfortunately.  Added the 5 without the text though!

Cool idea.  It reminds me of the reputation of the people who did this job in the Dumarest of Terra universe.  Don't mess with them is the general idea, but also myths that they are cruel psychopaths.  I know my players are, lol

Oh thank you for linking that!!  I had only seen the page I left a comment on and didn't realize it was out! (Didn't see a release post on the One-Page version, only this coming soon one)  This one is worth my ever increasingly precious dollars  Thanks for making it and I look forward to more!

You have truly created something novel and whimsical here that exists above genre lines in a way that appeals to so so many people.  I sure do hope you do a print run, I know so many people who would absolutely love this.  I've been sharing it around with friends (who work in tea shops, haha) and they all absolutely love it in a really touching way.  Count me in for a few print copies if you do.  :)

More people should share like this. :) <3

I was really impressed by this game!  It's a good idea, and every aspect of it is well executed. 

This is absolutely beautiful. If I see this in print somewhere close to the PDF price, I'll definitely consider it.