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That "good job guys" at the end made me feel -so proud-

I played this on Steam and it was just adorable! I kept awwing at Sherlock's descriptions of Watson.. I'm sure historians will say they were the closest of friends. The one thing that got me stuck a few times was how it could be difficult to see what objects could be interacted with, especially if Sherlock was standing in front of them. But other than that, I loved the game, especially making deductions!

same )

I'm getting the golden hearts, but it won't let me click the house on the info page

I love this game. I've only done the good ending cause I'm a wimp and I don't want to see the baby or her fathers harmed D: But seriously, this is amazing and I love games like this.

I watched the demo and it was amazing! This game looks awesome, and I'm so excited for it , especially since it seems like the only Good Omens game I can find.

Sometimes I don't even delete the old version and it still works.

For those wondering how to update, what I do is I download the game again. You don't have to pay to redownload since you already bought it.

Hi! The game looks very cool! However, I think there may be a bug with the Special Edition. I did not pay 3.99 + for the game, and yet in the downloads there were files marked Special Edition that you could download. Just wanted to let you know.

I asked it if I would get to bed tonight, it replied with a moon emoji. I asked it when the new Frog Detective game would come out, it replied with a wink. IT KNOWS TOO MUCH!!!

You walk up to him with the food in your inventory/fridge after talking to him, and an option should come up that says give food/don't give food. Click give food and you give him the goodies! :D

Is there any way to save the birds? I got so attached to them XD. I loved the flying sequences, and I personally think those birds did a great job flying.

Cool game, but I cannot find the second ingredient for the carrot soup