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do you know about "The Trial of Kharzoid" (a new NES game still in wip, kickstarter shall be released in March)
If I got it right it also mixing rpg with the style of games like arkaniod. 
With the very best wishes and just the best for you and your projects!

Edit: I just looked it up again, to share a link and saw that I was wrong it is mixing metroidvania with with arkanoid style of game (wich is makeing it to a arkanoidvania).
Here is the link to the site nevertheless...:

Whooo another update, always happy to see something new when it comes to  homebrew. Will take a look as soon I can :)

Pheeeww.... *shake my head* 

You seem to make a awesome job, I appreciate that a lot!^^ Will try to keeping an eye on your project. :)

Thanks (and sorry, for that late, late reply)

That are great news! It it wouldn't have been done allready, I would have post that news on 

Just the best wishes to you and your projects!

Oh, you need actually a Amiga emulator to play it. there is a bundle out there with Amiga forever. With that you get a lliscense to emulate it legal. 

And Ig you meantexe instead of zip, right?

Got here after the showcase and that is something what I really will keep an eye on it.


I am a big fan of homebrew games (and video games in general). So just let me know if you need some help as I love to help. 

In the meantime just keep sharing the love of homebrew games arround the globe^^

Just imagining... To have this one a amiga...

Just the best to your project.

That is new! I only know it so, that you have a new path if you play it on a better system, like GBC, GB or SGB. 

Oh, thanks that is some nice side info. Thanks

Sure, will try to support you were I can.


that a great news! Congratulation for finding a publisher!. :)


just wanna thank you for sharing! I willl take a look as soon as I find some time for it. 

Until then I wish you and your future projects just the best!

Allright, thank you for sharing. I will lokk through it as soon I have found some time. 

Until then! I wish you just the best.


just wanna let you know, that I am thankful that you shared this with us. I skipped through the spoiler part, but that is just because I want to  enjoy the game in a whole alone (at some point future). :)

Wish you and your project just the best.


just wanna leave you a thank you for sharing. :) I will look what I can do with that beta testing

Wish you and your project just the best


stumble over this on Twitter and it seem something I really need to take a look at. Like the art stil! <3

Oh, that is nice. :)) to see a new homebrew snes game. I acctually could do some testing on real homebrew, if interrested. :)


Thank you for sharing!! 

I read your text with pleasure. :)

I am sorry to hear what happend to you.

Be just like you are and believe in your dreams.


Oh for sure, I believe you that. I will try it with a emulator, as soon I got my license. 

Looks pretty cool. too bad I have no amiga aga yet


that are great news, thank you for sharing. :)

Hey Davide, 

that are great news. :) I have allready heared some them after you published a link on I pretty liked them. :)

Just the best for you and your projects :))

Oh, yeah MiniDiscs I have also a player since last year... They are a great media...


thanknypu for that information. I just will try to get me one of these copy. 

Best Regards

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Whoah, so many changes! A shame, that I havn't see that earlier because I wasn't on for some time and havn't checked my mails also. But now I see it lucky me.

Just will download it and try it. 

I am looking forward what all will added next.

Hey dear devs,

I am just courious if there is anything happening what is worth to talk about. 

Take Care

Great to hear, that you are making progressing. :)


I am glad to see an update on this. Thank you :)


evreything what is different compared to the classic expirence is good. There is no way, which hold you away from doing what you thnk to like to do. I think, when you do what you wanted to do t can get awessome. I hope the project is still alive. 

Have a great day


this all seem to be a amazing work. Keep it up. 

Wish you Project and your just the best :)


what great info, thank you for informing us!

Wish you and your you projects juste the best : )


what a great news. I will see, if I can design some game. 

Wish you and your projects the Best

Best Regards : )

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Yeah it is.

I will see, what I am capable to do with that nice tool


they are all look great, but I really like the paint with the dragon. 

Keep up the good work!

Best Regards 

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nice to see an uptade.  : )

Will take a look on it when I can.

Wish you and your the project the best!

Best Regards : )


how great is that!!!!

IT is not important when a game release, more important is how it look like. I think you made a great Job.  

Best Regards 

Thank you : )

I think, that it is making sense somehow. 

Try to keep up, that great work attitude!