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Oh for sure, I believe you that. I will try it with a emulator, as soon I got my license. 

Looks pretty cool. too bad I have no amiga aga yet


that are great news, thank you for sharing. :)

Hey Davide, 

that are great news. :) I have allready heared some them after you published a link on I pretty liked them. :)

Just the best for you and your projects :))

Oh, yeah MiniDiscs I have also a player since last year... They are a great media...


thanknypu for that information. I just will try to get me one of these copy. 

Best Regards

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Whoah, so many changes! A shame, that I havn't see that earlier because I wasn't on for some time and havn't checked my mails also. But now I see it lucky me.

Just will download it and try it. 

I am looking forward what all will added next.

Hey dear devs,

I am just courious if there is anything happening what is worth to talk about. 

Take Care

Great to hear, that you are making progressing. :)


I am glad to see an update on this. Thank you :)


evreything what is different compared to the classic expirence is good. There is no way, which hold you away from doing what you thnk to like to do. I think, when you do what you wanted to do t can get awessome. I hope the project is still alive. 

Have a great day


this all seem to be a amazing work. Keep it up. 

Wish you Project and your just the best :)


what great info, thank you for informing us!

Wish you and your you projects juste the best : )


what a great news. I will see, if I can design some game. 

Wish you and your projects the Best

Best Regards : )

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Yeah it is.

I will see, what I am capable to do with that nice tool


they are all look great, but I really like the paint with the dragon. 

Keep up the good work!

Best Regards 

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nice to see an uptade.  : )

Will take a look on it when I can.

Wish you and your the project the best!

Best Regards : )


how great is that!!!!

IT is not important when a game release, more important is how it look like. I think you made a great Job.  

Best Regards 

Thank you : )

I think, that it is making sense somehow. 

Try to keep up, that great work attitude!

Hi  Cesar, 

I just came across the message and I'm happy with you that you could join the kickstarter campaign.

It's not a problem for me that you haven't posted anything lately. 

You seem to keep having much fun, while devoliping the game. 

Wish you a wonderful rest of you day : )


sounds great ; )

Wish you a great rest of you day ; )


How great that you published an update. I look forward to see the game complete. Take you the time you need to make it as great you can. All what I could se until now looks awesome. 

Wish you the best. 

Best Regards

I can imagine that. 

It is nice to see a following game!


I enjoyed part 2 as much as Part 1. 

Seems like you have fun, while writing the entry. And in the whole you seem to be funny.  I also had fun reading it ; ).

And like by the other messages wish you an dthe project only the Best.


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I really enjoyed while reading you text about the way of developing the game. Look forward to read the next episode.

 Someday I also would like to realize a game idea, but that is a other story

Keep safe and healthy

See ya

Great you do, that. And you a right otherwise it would make no sense to do this games. I hope I will find thesame enjoment when doing myown games.


that is a many things you had to do... 

I hope it makes fun somehow to do that. 

Wish you a great weekend

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I'm happy about, that you shared the info with us.  It is a great teaser!

Wish you a great weekend (You know I will be busy all weekend long ^^)


a physical release is always something special and as I think it is a lot more special when the game is for retro systems. I'm always getting happy and excitited when hearing about such a release. 

To bad, that my money capacities are limited, otherwise I would try to support them as much as possible. But, that means not, that I only can support with money, I try to support each project I meet in the www as much as possible. 

Thank you for the reminder,  tommorow the weekend begins so I will give it a try. 

I enjoyed the game quite well, it has something special.  Maybe this come from the passion you put into this project?

Thank you, I wish you and the project only the best


thank you for this info. It is great to hear, how you project is evolving. I played the game in a early stage in the game boy dev contest. Maybe I should take a look at the new game version. 

Best Regards

Did you see there is also one for the Fairchild Channel-F? Link:


Did not play it until now, but it looks quite well done. Let's bring wordle to all systems! I know that there are C64, NES and Game Boy releases.

Have a great day

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Good to hear that. I'm happy that you make it to release it. I can imagne that this is not so easy. I tried the demo a bit with my  brother,  it is looking not that bad. Keep up the good work.

I have no problem, when you are still releasing new releases.

Great, to hear you are working on a sequel. I wish you all the best for you and your projects for the new year 2022.

Cool, kann es nicht erwarten.

Here read this news it explain how the stand of physical release is:


I buy me an Amiga 500 this year, because of new games, which are coming to this system. So I want a physical unit! I'm so happy about it., Thank you. 


Yeah, I would like that too!