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Very interesting concept. I'm more afraid of the parents though. Someone needs to speak to them about leaving a kid home alone :)

Not sure what happened but the menu options didn't load for me, took me longer to get the game to start than to play it :) I clicked around until the game began, I was then so distracted by being able to change the brightness, I forgot to read the text at the bottom. I was a bit baffled as to what was going on but I did actually enjoy the game, was nice and short! :)

Looking forward to the next chapter/story. Very interesting, and wasn't what I was expecting. Nice job :)

3rd game in the video. This was fun, got a few of the endings, took me awhile to figure out not to put things in the bin :)

2nd game in the video. The suspense was killing me :)

This was fun, at first I was sure there was no danger, so I didn't expect him to come after me. 1st game in the video. 

Great game, didn't notice half the things until editing the video back i was concentrating on the job so much :) Cant wait for the next game, keep up the fantastic work.

Interesting game, enjoyed the graphics and the story. reminded me of Do you Copy. 

Great little game, fun and totally no snakes. 

Michael Myers at his creepiest. Great game, very well done. 

I liked the first one, and this didn't disappoint. the game was fun, and I enjoyed the expansion on the lore of the first game. Very well done :)

I enjoyed this one, was interesting, and the atmosphere was very creepy. 

I enjoyed the game, I found the beer was just too easy to use so I didn't real use any other weapons. I might have to go back in at some point and check them out. As a bigger Simpson fan than Futurama, it did feel as bad killing the planet express crew :)

Creepier than I expected, good use of jump scares. Sound and atmosphere had me on edge. Great little game.

Loved how creepy this was. I do love the PS1 style horrors. Great job.

Short, creepy and left wanting more, what else can you ask for in a horror game :) I was too creeped out by the doll to get close to it. 

This was fun, it felt like I was actually in the Simpson house. The game was strangely satisfying to play 🤣

The game was creepy, although I did glitch through the wall with the knife and then fell into the abyss. Other than that this was really well done, wish it was a bit brighter so I could admire it a bit more. 

I had no idea what I was doing but somehow I won. The game looks really nice, loving the art style. I hope there will be a longer version soon 😀

Loved the game, hated being under water 🤣 I just hope the cat survived 😸

Can't wait for the full game. I loved the Demo when I played it and the prologue left me wanting more.

This reminds me of when I worked retail. Creepy game, was fun and unnerving :)

The audio section was very unsettling. I was a bit disappointed when it ended as I wanted a bit more :)

I loved this and hated every moment.  It's best experienced as words can't describe just how unsettling and unnerving this really is. Another fantastic demo/game from a developer who really knows how to create atmosphere.

This was fun, short and creepy. I felt unsettled just walking through this game. 

Enjoyed the game, I think the duck stole the show for me though :)

The jump scare got me good!!! I really enjoyed this one, although I should have paid more attention to the objectives in the corner 🤣

Interesting game, I liked the "Monster". It got me good :)

WE need more Minecraft horror games. I really enjoyed this one, was longer than expected too :)

This was fun, nice little short horror game :)

THis was creepy and awesome, I really hope there is a longer version :)

I checked out Consume as well, this was really good, such a creepy atmosphere. Would love to see this extended as I think theres a lot of potential with the story line. I only wished I could turn off the motion blur :)

Interesting game, was nice and short. Liked the monster.

Looking forward to checking out a few more of the games on the collection. Enjoyed Bobo's Quest.

I had fun with this one :)

Great couple of games, looking forward to the next one :)

Those jump scares got me every time :) was a fun game and I really enjoyed it.

Good game, really enjoyed the style.

I enjoyed the atmosphere with this one, was fun and creepy, and the jump scares got me a couple of times :)

Enjoyed this one, wasn't what I was expecting but got me thinking towards the end :)