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Great couple of games, looking forward to the next one :)

Those jump scares got me every time :) was a fun game and I really enjoyed it.

Good game, really enjoyed the style.

I enjoyed the atmosphere with this one, was fun and creepy, and the jump scares got me a couple of times :)

Enjoyed this one, wasn't what I was expecting but got me thinking towards the end :)

Was fun and really enjoyed this. Loved the calm atmosphere that soon took a turn the deeper I got into the house. Great job :)

Was fun, creepy and reminds me of Sylvanian families meets Silent Hill. Camera got a bit confusing at times but was fine once I got used to it :) I'm glad there were no unnecessary jump scares, the anticipation is enough to keep people unsettled. Great little game.

I enjoyed this one, was real creepy and I'm really not a fan of mannequins :)
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Really enjoyed this one, very creepy and unsettling. Got me good a couple of times.

This was fun, got me a couple of times :)

I felt uncomfortable through all the loops. Great game, really enjoyed it.

Not the worse job I've ever had.

Enjoyed this one, really creepy feeling and I really need to know more about the ending :) Game no.1 in the video

Really wished this was longer :) very well made, it felt like actually being in Minecraft. awesome job, would love to see more Minecraft horror :) Game no.2 in the video

This was fun, really enjoyed it and got all 3 endings :) game no 3 in the vid. 

Really cool concept for a game, I enjoyed the unexpected jump scares, keep up the good work :)

I really enjoyed this one, Taylor can sure take a stabbing :) Keep up the great work.

Very creepy, I had flashbacks of an episode of Scariest places on earth where I first saw the video, that I assume inspired this. Really enjoyed this one :)

I really enjoyed this, although I wasn't happy I had to turn off the music :) I also found myself distracted by the door that wasn't there. Great first game, keep it up.

I do like a good night vision found footage horror game, very creepy game, got me a couple of times :)

Fun, cute and creepy, whats not to like :) 2nd game in the video

Was fun, even though I cant drive well at all. 1st game in the video

Was a fun short game and I did not expecting what happens :) 3rd game in the video

Was a fun little game, may need bigger text though, game no.2 in this video.

Interesting game, love the monster, very cool looking, game no.1 in this vid. Almost Home now is no.3, I enjoyed both the games, good work.

Great little game, no.3 on this video. Really enjoyed this, I also played intruder no. 1 on this vid.

I really enjoyed this, hope there will be a follow up, I've still got question I need answers to :)
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When you mix cute farming sim with horror. I really enjoyed this one, was fun to play and very nice to look at :

That ending really got me!!! I look forward to the full game :) 

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Thanks for reaching out, I enjoyed the game, loved the ending, well played :) 

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I really enjoyed this game, even if the theme was a sad one. I have to say the shadows were a nice touch, found myself watching them and not the dog. 2nd game in the video. 

Brilliant, thanks :)

Anyone else come across the bug where you do all the tasks but then the level doesn't end?