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It may look like a bug, but most of the time it isn't. The shield cancels one collision, and sometimes two collisions can happen almost at once.

Thanks! I think I see what you mean. Are you talking about the black and whiter squares on the left? Or more than that?

Thanks a lot ^^

About the third level, I actually think that every level is in itself a spike, and that you get stuck on the level that is just above your basic reflexes. In fact I add two new obstacles every level, that's how I chose the difficulty progression.

I knew it...

Thanks! It was my intention to create a very challenging experience, that would require a lot of focus. Cool gameplay video!

Thanks for the video, helps me get some insight on how the game is played. You had some great moves!

Well... it would completely defeat the purpose of the game...

Have you tried refreshing the page, or another browser?

Well, thanks for all the details!

I already corrected the second bug, which will be applied in the next update. The issue was due to the red cable usage. You could either stick it to the lever, or connect it to the right side. Both options did'nt trigger the same function, and so led to different effects. On the other hand the door remaining unlocked (button still green), is by design. It will be a important feature for the future puzzles ;)

I also observed the first bug, as I watched people play the game, but I could'nt figure what the origin of the problem was. Now I understand, and was able to correct it, it was a stupid code mistake I missed ...

Your suggestion is very interesting, since the game has to be clear on the possibilities of action. I observed that many of experienced players hadn't much trouble with finding how to use the drawer handle, but people that weren't familiar with video game inferences didn't understand the concept of dragable drawers (I think it's also because it's the first time the game asks you to drag and not just click). So I thought of it, and tried to find a solution that let me keep this new UI. My idea is to introduce the drawers by automatically opening them, and closing them quiclky after. Then as long as you don't drag the drawer open, it would frequently bounce and shake (like if it was urging to be opened again ^^). This will be in the next update.

By keyboard support, do you mean moving the character around with arrows or WASD? Do you know games I could try that could show what can be done?

Thanks again for the feedback, it's of great help!

There you go!

Thanks, happy you enjoyed it!

Haha thanks a lot ^^ Someone else also said the game could be longer, so I'll think about it and I might try to add some puzzles in some way. For now I'm having a short break from it.


Design très cool, je suis fan du nouveau look des statues du parc des Bastions!

"Ce bon jambon acheté ce matin au marché " JPP.

Thanks, I'm pretty proud of the result! I hope it'll make the interface more fun to use.

1) You're right, that icon is very confusing, I'll think of another. The problem is that the UI theme is temporary, I may end up re-working that icon as I find a more specific theme for the UI. I'll try to make it also more visible that you get the pad (the only animation is the pad button getting visible). Also, the pad isn't only a map interface (and so the icon shouldn't be too specific). I don't want to spoil too much, but there will be other functionalities to it.

2) In the new update, I put a welcoming screen, to indicate what changed since the previous version, and a pop-up message that lets you know when you've seen all of the content of the game.

Thanks for your ideas and advice!

Thanks! Any specific remarks?

Thanks for the feedback!

for the no-quitting part, I'm working on it, just finishing the pause menu.

The final room is indeed inescapable, because I haven't made it yet :P I'll disable the door until then.

For the puzzles, I'll add some in the next update, that's what I'm working on right now.