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A member registered Aug 16, 2023

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So cooool!!! Analog to the other low poly set :)! thank you

Great Thanks a lot!!!! Thats what i need :)!

pew pew pew! i like :)!

great art work overall! This angel reminds me of a mix of angels from diablo :D!

Your stuff is still hot as fire totem :))

I like that slimeyy , the red dot reminds me of cube slimes in Lufia i guess.....nostalgic love <3.

That seems a lot what i was lookin' for mate! Great work. Appreciate these hours of sweat and fun :)! My game will feature a lot of this work. I may further contact you if you are okey with it! Go on with your passion!

Cool stuff, thank you for sharing the love :)!

Looks like really good stuff. I may take some and may contact you again :)! Thanks alot!