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Octavi Navarro is so good at what he does- the more games I play of his the more I enjoy them! I look forward to his future content, and want to extend my thanks for his talent and hard work. I've made a video on each of his games and it is bittersweet to think I'll soon be making one over the last game I haven't played (Midnight Scenes 2)! 

I loved this game so much! I can't wait for the full version!! :) 

I love your content, great artwork and what an interesting world you've put us into! 

I really enjoyed this game! I plan to play your other games as well, I love your art style and storytelling. Honestly almost had me to tears at the ending lol! great work!!


Really liked the game! Beautiful and haunting! <3   


yes, I did! You can watch around the 31 minute mark if you are interested

Really enjoyed the game! I got the ending bug but I looked up the ending. Thank you for your content! I did really like solving the puzzles, and their difficulty was satisfying to solve. I got stuck for soooo long on the double spring bounce one lol fun game!

Yes..... I was stuck on that level for so long lol