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Platonic Forms

A member registered Jun 19, 2018

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Very good demo. Out of the fangans I have played, this game, along with Danganronpa NWO, are two of my favorites.

A minor typo exists in the Emile free time. Instead of "capital F," the phrase "capitol F" appears.

I recently played through all of the available content. Excellent game so far.

Interesting demo. I very much like what I have read about this game. It seems probable that it will be very intriguing, with the numerous character dynamics, story, multiple routes, and a variety of endings.

In terms of possible additions to the demo, you might consider adding in a bit of extra interactions or dialogue with the other characters.

Will the ally-rival factor in the full game have a menu page showing those relations? If such a thing exists, it could be interesting to make it show up in the demo, even if nothing else about the mechanic appears.

Very good demo. It will be interesting to see how this game unfolds, as well as what will happen with the characters.

I wonder what kind of divergence might result from choosing the top option during the second player decision.

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Very good game.  I like that way that, in the seemingly normal situation or setting, strange and mysterious things happen and are discovered.

Does anyone know of games somewhat similar to this one?

Moltencherry, have you ever seen the movie Primer?  It is a very interesting film that shares a certain scientificish story feature in common with Quantum Suicide (not sure if too spoilery to directly say what it is).

In addition to the main page, the wiki has developed to include some pages about characters and locations.  There is a section about the Deletion Game as well.

It will be interesting to see if being close to the D.A.I. leads that being to favor the protagonist's survival over other characters.