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Is a sequel planned for the future?

Tar.gz sucks. It's hard to compile and run unlike .deb for Ubuntu/Debian users

Are you my dad? You don't know how much I love you.

11/10 It does what it says it does and it's good overall

Same here was gonna ask that

In the game it won't run due to there being no assets/engine folder

Yeah I just found out it was already released yesterday

Can you tell me what physics code you used for th eplayer and how you got him to be above 16x16?

k thx

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What is the font? For  the whole backstory thing

This game is based and le redpilled

K thanks!

what software did you use to make the cutscenes and boxart?

Where can I listen to the music in the game

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Are you going to release a second asset pack? Also will you add the ability for Mega Bot to climb some ladders?

Could I use the .godot file? I'm also making a Mega Man game

Ok thanks!

So is this basically the actual version of the Mega Bot game?

Can't play it because no Linux port :(

I love this

Any ETA on the Sequencer?