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Plastic Fangs

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Nice Halloween update and I'm looking forward to what December has in store!

Very well done. I wasn't familiar with the film series but now I'm def gonna check it out! 

Yet another excellent outing in your wonderfully charming world! Keep making them!!

Absolutely loved this game! Made an easy how-to guide to get to the end!

This gets my vote for favorite of the Game Jam. Awesome job!

This is a very intriguing start! I like how you're not afraid to take chances with the dialogue and storytelling. The shocking language and subject matter really helps to push the boundaries here. Great job.

This was absolutely amazing! If you're interested in my thoughts on the game, I made a Let's Play with commentary. Great job!

Great work! Made a narrated walkthrough, can't wait to see what you've got planned next!

Excellent work here! While I enjoyed the first one, it's nice to see that you've really expanded upon the lore with this sequel. Looking forward to The Vile Diary. I made a video where I narrated the story with my own interpretation.

Really enjoyed this! Very creepy-- I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was behind me the whole time. Nice use of the CRT filter, too. Excellent work!

Excellent adaptation! Again I'm amazed at how well this style works with creepy horror tropes. Nicely done!

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Nice game. The story may have been a little too cryptic though-- I wish I understood more about what was happening. There were a couple of jump scares that actually got me. Good job on the atmosphere too!

This looks amazing! You've really captured the old-school vibe. PLEASE keep going with this and add more enemies/more action. Love the VO too! It's obvious you put in a lot of hard work. Excellent job!

This game was creepy, challenging, and hilarious all at the same time. Nicely done.

Excellent start to what I'm sure will be a fantastic story! Your art perfectly compliments what's going on text-wise. Love the contrast between the painterly backgrounds versus the foreground "anime"-style, too. Great job and I can't wait to see more!

Gave it a try. I don't mind the old-school aesthetic-- in fact I love that sort of thing, but there were a few problems I ran into:

How to pick up new weapons? I'd see them but no button seemed to work.

Having to reach across the keyboard to press Enter to open doors was inconvenient.

The enemies are bullet sponges, taking way too many bullets to kill. And ammo is pretty sparse. I ran out and it respawned me with no ammo leading to a loop of meat grinding death. Is there no melee mechanic?

I appreciate the ideas behind the game. Retro military shooters and old war history are something I find fascinating. And who doesn't like shooting Nazis? I love how you have so many of these types of games on your itch page-- lots to choose from. Keep improving and you'll really have something here.

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This was an AMAZING game! I love all the nods to the obvious influences: Lovecraft, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, etc. It was so much fun trying to figure out what to do next without being frustrating. I beat the game if anyone is stuck here's my walkthrough:

I love your take on 90s boomer shooters, and I made a review of sorts here in my video. You did great work as always!

You really captured the look and feel of old Atari-style games. I made a playthrough of both demos:

I really dig this game! Reminds me a little of FAITH-- and that's a compliment! So glad you came up with this. I made a video if anyone's interested in seeing some gameplay. I highly recommend you guys try this out!

Nice work! Really presses that nostalgia button. Here's a playthrough:

Nice little game! Very cool style. I found a typo: at one point the word "group" is misspelled as "gorup."

Spoilers ahead---------

If the game had a proper good ending, it might give the player more closure, like they've accomplished something at the end. Just my opinion. But great job nonetheless!

Is the music available somewhere? Very haunting and beautiful.

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Great game. You do good work!

Intriguing game. I loved the atmosphere you created-- the whole thing was super spooky. Excellent music choices too. Another fine job!

Loved this. It would have benefited from having a sound cue when you die. But it was a very well done game. Great job!

Excellent game. Loved the whole aesthetic.

Finally played it. Now I see what all the fuss was about. Great job guys, solid game here!

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This is such a great direction for the game. Very engaging, very scary. Looking forward to the full release!

Still awesome!

So good. Base-game walkthrough/all puzzle solutions here:

So good! Can't wait for the rest!

Awesome work! I love the wonderfully strange world you've created!

This is your first game? Well done! Loved the PSX shader and the overall atmosphere of the game. Well put together!

This is really good! I was genuinely scared! Nice direction for you, too. Loved the low-poly stuff.

This had great design, and even some innovation. Great job man!

Well done! Lots of spooky scares, loved the vibe.

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Awesome little game! Really appreciated the minimalist aesthetic and enjoyed the blend of text adventure and avatar movement. Great job guys!