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Plastic Fangs

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Very creepy dreams become reality! Nicely done! Would love to see this idea taken further and made into a longer game!

Well done! Loved the interactive gameplay! Very creative idea.

Here's a more in-depth look at your more recent games, including this one. Take a look:

Thanks for making great games!

Hey Niven! I posted a video review of this game on my channel that includes a more in-depth look at your more recent output. I'm a big fan of your work and I hope you enjoy the video!

Wow this was kinda difficult. Thanks for another impressive game! A Christmas horror game no less!

It's a real shame production has stopped on this. Such a cool idea! I'll leave my review here:

Great job nonetheless!

This might be the best one yet! I'm impressed with the pace at which you're improving and wow this game has lots of cool moments (the intro, the voice acting, the killer's appearance). Keep it up man!

so awesome! i think your rpgmaker games might be my favorites. Here i got all three endings with the candy locations:

Thanks for another wonderful game!

With this release, you have taken your knack for atmospheric horror to the next level. The tension slowly builds and as time progresses, the mood of the house swells from eerie to terrifying. A stunningly beautiful game!

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My first time playing one of your games, and it was INCREDIBLE! I loved the theme, the interactive card game, and of course, the beautiful artwork. Thanks for the wonderful experience. 

My playthrough (No Commentary) with all 3 Endings:

Love the look and feel of this one. Very claustrophobic. Great job!

Great game, ito! I marked all dog statue locations here:

The Good Ending was stunningly COOL!!

Awesome game, especially for a game jam! Very smooth, very cool. Nice work. 

Well done!

Great game, Warkus! I love your work!

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Both endings:

Awesome game, but the shopping sequence really stops the momentum of the story. Maybe the shelved items could be highlighted, glowing, or sparkling or something so the player can find them more easily. Aside from that, this is one of the best games I've seen on here in a while. Nicely done.

Sorry to hear the news! I like the direction you chose for this. Here’s my No Commentary vid. All Secrets Found!

Day 5 did not disappoint! "Furnando"-- what a great name. Another excellent episode, keep it up!

Very cool little game. I loved the creepy ambience, art, and story. Well done all around. Hope to see more come of this! Here's my No Commentary playthrough:

As promised, here is my guide for Demo Two. Please keep going with this. I can't help but be utterly enthralled in the story and can't wait to see where it goes next. You have a remarkable talent!!

Wonderful game! I really love the art and the story is intriguing. Here's my Demo One playthrough (No Commentary):

I plan on uploading Demo Two soon. Thanks for your hard work!!

I think Clyde's gotta be my new favorite!!

Your most ambitious project to date. Very well done! Here's my No Commentary playthrough:

What an interesting experience! The game has an enigmatic, oppressive air to it. Very unlike anything I've seen you do before, and it's nice to see you experimenting with different ideas. Good job all around!

P.S. I tried to download the files and unzip them but it said destination path is invalid. So I played the web version instead.

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Great job with the unique game mechanic! I've noticed you like to experiment with different types of gameplay and it always turns out so cool! All puzzles solved here (No Commentary!):

Here you go!

Everything worked fine for me. I use K&M, I don't prefer a controller so the movement was a little wonky but not too bad. It felt better in the original demo-- or maybe that's just my imagination. Keep up the great work!

This is great. Absolutely terrific. The graphics, sound, vibe-- loved it. My only suggestion would be this: there's too much hand-holding. Take out the "instructions" and let the player figure stuff out. It'll be more fun and rewarding that way.

Zed-- I've been enjoying playing through your entire catalog recently. You've certainly found your niche and a style to call your own. Plenty of scares and/or anxiety to be found in each, but there's a wholesome quality that I find quite endearing in your work as well. In my playthrough there was a point where the enemy could clearly see Maude but didn't attack. I'm guessing this was a bug? Thanks for your hard work btw!

This was a great little mystery game set up like a plot from an old horror flick. I liked the cemetery setup a lot, but when we discovered the killer's lair I was even more impressed! Very creepy stuff as usual from you Niven. The enemy AI was a little wonky, but this was still a delightfully scary experience. My No Commentary playthrough:

Short and sweet! All three endings here:

Nice to get some more story on Savannah!

Hey Zed! I'm in the process of playing thru all of your available games because I'd like each of them to be represented on my channel. I know this was an early one, but it still has your unmistakable style! Thanks for the chills.

Another great game! I liked Ruuuby the best I think. Also, the morally ambivalent theme was quite a departure for you-- glad to see you experimenting with story. 

Not only are your games top-notch, but you have a great sense of humor as well. Charming as always!

Loved this new take on The Backrooms. You have very interesting ideas!

Great to see a new project from you! I love your style and this subject matter was a breath of fresh air. Superb in every way.

The atmosphere is great! I loved the clock ticking, the sound of our footsteps, the hum of the building... nice ambience. Cool graphics and an intriguing premise too. Just wish it was longer. A lot of promise here!

Everything about this is great: the music choices, circus theme, the characters, the artwork... Really loving the episodic nature of it too. Great work!

I'm such a fan of your work that I made a video retrospective of all your released games so far where I talk about the specifics of each! Hope you enjoy, and I can't wait for more!