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Plastic Fangs

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I loved Westgrove and this is even better with a more fleshed out story. You do amazing work. My No Commentary playthrough:

Absolutely LOVE this Halloween version! Very well done. Two antagonists really up the stakes. No Commentary GOOD ENDING here:

Utterly creepy stuff. 

I really enjoyed the mix of new gameplay elements (sideways shuffling through tight spaces) and the more familiar standbys (menial tasks like mopping the floors).  The implied lore was handled well too. Definitely my favorite game you've made!

Game's got great atmosphere and sounds. I would have liked more story and maybe a chase or two. But you nailed the creepiness factor for sure. Here's my No Commentary playthrough with ending:

Very well done. All 4 endings here:

Spectacular atmosphere and ambience here-- they help to build tension as you play. The monster is great; you did a wonderful job with his "look". He's a bit too clingy on higher difficulties and very hard to shake, but otherwise this is REALLY good. I love the direction you're going. Keep it up! My No Commentary playthrough is here:

Loved everything about this: the whimsical, cutesy nature of it, the music, the mechanics, etc. And also very polished for a first published game. Looking forward to more of your work! Here's my No Commentary playthrough: 

I think this game is really something special, and I love what you did with the music too. I left lots of feedback in my playthrough. Excellent work!

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Very cool little demo. The low-poly look fits well with the subject matter, and the peculiarities really lend themselves to the mystery of the game. Like others here have said, I couldn't figure out what to do with the cd we find. But I'm certainly looking forward to discovering what happens next in the full version!

Very good! I love the direction you went with this one. Hope to see more like this!


You've really captured the look and feel of those old point & click games. The "fight" with the clock might be a little too tough, but I think this has massive potential and it's already very polished. Here's my No Commentary playthrough:

Stunning work!

Just played the new demo on Steam. Incredible work!

Well worth the wait. You really ramped up the puzzles and gameplay with Chapter 3! My fave addition to the settings is the Apple II green color skin btw. Nicely done.

P.S. After reading the other comments below, I hope the situation can get sorted out? Cheers!

This was incredibly well done! Very scary and I loved the atmosphere you created. This game deserves lots of attention. 

Mr. Hopp in 3D?! This is amazing. Can't wait for more!

Great work. I hope you continue making games and vids!

It would be a shame if you gave up gamedev– you have a talent for it and it shows. I love your take on the character, and I think playing both games back to back makes for a more fleshed-out experience. Nice job.

This was SOOOO GOOOD! Gonna have to check out your other games!

Just played the Steam version yesterday and recorded a playthrough. This was reeaally good! I'm leaving some spoiler-ish stuff after the video "break":

Okay so I'm wondering if maybe Elle's mother blames Elle for her father's death and if that's why she's so cold to her? Either way it's not her fault-- it's just a tragic circumstance. I liked how you included a glimmer of hope at the end, too. The budding romance thing so soon after a loss could have been a tricky plot point, but I think you handled it well and made it believable within the short time frame in which the story takes place. Great work!

This was absolutely stunning-- probably the scariest version of the Backrooms I've seen. The lore behind it is very intriguing. Love the spray paint mechanic as well. Utterly creepy!

Had a lot of fun finding the different endings. Great game. I left more feedback in my video:

Gotta be my new favorite from Torture Star. Such a blast to play!

Man this is so great!! I thoroughly enjoyed Bloodwash, but there's so much more gameplay here and the story is even more engaging. Love Stan's appearance! The whole aesthetic is wild and makes it even more fun. Absolutely incredible job!

I loved the PSX style-- the whole game fills you with a sense of dread. Good work on creating such a creepy little horror treat.

Another awesome game showcasing your quirky style along with solid gameplay. You do great work! Here’s my No Commentary playthrough:

I'm simply floored by how well this turned out. The art and music are very polished and it's even fully voiced??! That's incredible! Your work definitely deserves more recognition. I made a No Commentary playthrough because I didn't want to interfere with anything. Absolutely stunning submission.

Looks awesome! May I make a video playing it?

Total nightmare.

Love it.

I've been on a j-horror kick recently and decided to make another playthrough of WALK. It's still really really good and I hope Kazumi Games Studios is still working on fleshing it out more. Can't think of another game quite like this.

This was really well done! I found myself getting involved in what was going on and wondering how it was going to end. Are there different endings? Looking forward to chapter Two!

Finally got around to playing it and I wish I hadn't waited. So GOOD!! Huge fan of your work. Very creepy stuff!

Great game!

This was so well done! The retro look, the music, the gameplay-- were all amazing and the game truly would have been at home on an old NES or an old PC. Even the story was intriguing. I had a lot of fun. I think you should keep going with this project!

Another great game with a rather unique gameplay mechanic! You guys do amazing work!

Absolutely stunning! One of the creepiest games I've played in a long long while. I'll definitely be delving further into your catalog.

This was SOOO MUCH FUN! You did a great job capturing the look and feel of Super Mario 64 and I can't wait to see more! Here's my NO COMMENTARY playthrough:

P.S. I hope you're allowed to continue working on this!
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Wonderfully crafted! I love the VO work and how getting the different endings help patch together what has happened. Jester makes for a fine villain(?) and the artwork of course is incredible. Great job with this!! All 6 Endings here:

This was amazingly well done. The art is superb and the characters were defined in such a way as to make them believable and sympathetic, especially Ivy. What a great entry to the Jam! Makes me want to delve further into your other work.