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Glad you like my word processing system. Thank you so much!!

Thank you! We appreciate your feedback. <3

Oh my brain. This is an awesome brain twister (is that a thing)? The puzzles were unique and interesting from level to level, all introducing new challenge.

This game is awesome. Controls are easy, simple, and overall fun.

Super cute and definitely something to do while on the train, etc. Enjoyed this game and you should consider publishing it to the App Store / Google Play!

Enjoyed making this game w/ the two other developers I worked with. They're great people. I hope everyone who gives this a look enjoys the game. Also, we appreciate feedback if you have the time to give it!

Very interesting game. I enjoyed this one since it adds an extra layer of gameplay (story & shooter). Something that was a bit choppy was the transition scenes, however. Besides that, awesome game with a unique style. <3