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Since letting the devs know is a thing people do apparently! I also played your game for my youtube channel. Lovely stuff, keep it up friends :)

controller support would be a big plus yes.

Again without going into too much personal detail I just get cramps very very easily in my one hand and prefer to configure things in a different way than the usual WASD setup, I generally use that hand to do whatever requires the least movement and often end up using a sort of "lefty flip" setup where I move about with the arrow keys and then do whatever else with Z, X, and C.

in any case thank you for your response. I look forward to playing your game after you've implemented rebinds (or controller support, whichever comes first). :)

hello, I'll be brief

this game looks promising from what I've seen but I can't really play it myself at the moment due to the default control scheme (I'll spare the details but I have some issues with my one hand), I was hoping that there would be rebindable keysets or something but, when I click on the System menu in-game it just doesn't do anything. The menu selector closes but no menu opens.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or if said menu just isn't implemented yet. I was wondering if there are currently control rebinds available somewhere in-game and I'm just missing them, or--if there are not--whether there are plans to add them in the future.