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This game is hilarious!  Very clever combination of two incompatible genres!  Great art, great music, great game overall! 

Easily one of the most creative and enjoyable rhythm games I've played!  Great music, good art, and solid game-play.  High marks all around!  Well done!

Oh man, this was a really challenging one for me! I couldn’t get past two of the hydra heads on easy mode lol. Great theme all throughout the game. I really dig the art and music that was used for this project. As far as all the turn-based mashups I’ve seen this Ludum Dare, this is one of the more enjoyable ones that I’ve played so far! Great submission!

I really enjoyed the art in this game.  I also thought the light emission behind some of your animations were a nice addition.  The game play left something to be desired, but you had enough put into the art that I didn't mind starting over so much.  Great submission!

Smooth game-play and great art!  I had fun playing this.  The fact that you can jump right back into the action helps offset the difficulty of this game.   Well done on your submission!

I liked the concept you started to create and would love to see more of this developed.  The game-play felt similar to "Thomas Was Alone".  Good submission!

This game looks and sounds great!  I like the concept for the timed movements, but I could have used some visual cues on where and when to move.  Great submission overall!  

Hey Gamer Fates,

Great compo submission! I would have enjoyed seeing a difficulty adjustment option or different music to choose from perhaps. Also, the music ends before you reach the end of the game. Great job on the artwork and making the game-play smooth! This game definitely requires two hands to hit some of those combos.

Great game!

I really enjoyed the pixel art and the music transitions, it really tied the comical element together well!  I will say the learning curve was a bit steep on creating/cooking the recipes.  I felt punished by not being able to move my character while combining ingredients, and even more so when closing the cookbook/menu and reopening it to find that the ingredients I started to combine had been removed.  Great job overall!  

Ludum Dare 41 was our team's first event, and we'd really benefit from any feedback you could provide us @