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Loved this game. This was a dope concept, especially the boss fight lmao! Great job here, looking forward to more content from ya! Thanks! Below is my gameplay!

Welp what can I say this game is straight fire! Art style and innovative! I love the point and click without point and clicking! The combining and all that of that! Great concept, and innovative! Thanks for sharing! Check out my gameplay!

I love what you did here! Great game indeed! Thanks for putting this one out here for us to play for free! My only small gripe would be maybe speeding up the walking while outstide! The walk to Dots house is rough LOL!  Great job tho!  Below is my gameplay!

Absolutely amazing game here!I love everything about it! The atmosphere, the sounds especially! Would love to see this entire a larger project!  Great job, and thank you! Below is my gameplay!

Lovely game you made here! Great job! I did not expect to jump as many times as I did but you did a great job at the jump scares! Keep up the good work!  Below is my gameplayQ!

Amazing game you have put together here! I have been wanting to play something like this for a while, and the time altering mechanics are brilliant! Thanks for sharing! Below is my gameplay

excellent weird game you have here! I love weird games so this is right up my alley lmao! Great work! Thanks for sharing! Below is my game play!

Excellent game here! I was happy to see another LIDAR game again as I love the auro and mechanics! TY for sharing! Great job! Below is my gameplay!

This game is absolutely brilliant and a must play, especially for anyone that has a connection to Mario 64 or that time period of gaming! It was dope going back playing this one in first person as a horror game! Great job here! Looking forward to the full release! Thanks for the free play and sharing! Below is my gameplay

ABSOOOOLUTELY WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT! NOSTALGIA ALL OVER! BLAST FROM THE PAST! TIME CRISIS VIBES!  TY so much devs for putting this out! Great job! Will be playing this one for sure!  Below is my gameplay!

Fabulous game you have here! I found it quite entertaining! I can tell everyone will love the jester! great job with this game! Below is my gameplay!

Loved this game! I love the flow, and I loved the delivery! Excellent job! The pixel art was great, and I loved the multiple endings!My gameplay is below!

Great game you have here! Enlightening to many! A unique experience unlike any other!  Thank you for showcasing this! Below is my gameplay

This is just an all around amazing N64esque horror game on so many levels! It does not hold your hand, and you really have to dig down into the realm of possibilities and figure out how to achieve different scenarios and endings! I love everything about this game and I hope it blows up!  Thank you for sharing! Below is my gameplay!

Cool game, and great concept! I love playing unique games, and Iove the lore! Thanks for sharing! Below is my gameplay

Dope game here dev! Thank you for sharing this with us! A very unique style of play! Continue the good work! Below is my gameplay!

Simply an amazing game! I love everything about this one! Truly unique with stellar lighting and textures! Sets the tone early and applies pressure! TY for sharing, amazing job! below is my game play!

I absolutely love your game! So interesting and challenging in some aspects of the platforming! It kept me engaged! Great job here and keep up the good work! Below is my gameplay.

I absolutely love this game! Great job dev! Will be looking forward to more of your work! Keep that other item obscure!  below is my gameplay! Thanks for everything!

Really enjoyed this game! Amazing job by the devs here, great details, beautiful designs! Really love the walking mechanics and feel of this one! I was unaware of the Chimpy Chippa lore before this game, but will go back and watch the web series now.  Thanks for putting this one out for us! Below is my gameplay.

Another classic by Max Horror! Great work on this game! I love alien encounter games, I feel like there are not enough good ones! Enjoyed this sweet game! Below is my gameplay! 

Hey Dev! Amazing game you got here! I love the randomness and the weirdness! Defo my style! Keep up the great work! Below is my gameplay

Another masterpiece by ISART DIGITAL! Love the work you all have done! The mechanics and this game were spot on! Really felt like I was dog navigating! Wonderful game here! Below is my gameplay!

Yooooo! Majik! Thanks for putting this out! You did a great job! Enjoyed this game whole heartedly! I love exploring and try to find every possible ending! Below is my gameplay

Love this game! Gives me small vibes from the closing shift! I love it because your ex butcher looks like one my subs! He is going to love this video! Great job and thanks for sharing! Below is my gameplay

OOOOOOOH baby oooh baby I love everything about this game! Shoutout to the developers, yall killed this concept and game! Defo a brand new gaming vibe here! Thanks for putting this one out here for us all to play! Below is my gameplay yall!

This is truly a unique, visionary, well paced, and deep game! Love everything about it! Great job team, and I will definitely be looking forward to more work put out by ISART digital!  Below is my gameplay!

Love this game! I really would love to see you all expand on this more!  TYSM for sharing this classic with us all! Below is my gameplay!

Hey yall! Absolutely loved your game here! This is my kind of game! Witty, clever, and gorgeous! Nice details in the game, and I love the out of the blue random interactions! Thanks for letting us get down on this! Below is my gameplay.

Hello! Thank you for sharing this game with us! Great job here, it was fun, relaxing and nostalgic!  Here is my gameplay!

I love everything about this game! I find the story and concept very very intriguing! Looking forward to the rest of the chapters! Thanks for sharing! Below is my gameplay!

I absolutely love this game! So well done on many layers and I think it touches on a subject that many people struggle with! Great job by the entire team! Here is my gameplay with commentary:

Great game! Took me back to my Toe Jam and Earl, Bubsy, Vectorman, Coolspot days!  Here is my gameplay! Thanks for sharing!

Hello all! I want to say that this is a very unique game! beautiful dialogue, visual and story. I love the idea of disarming, vs killing. Never played a game like that. Even in Batman games you are brutally beating up thugs and knocking them out. My game did glitch and made it unbeatable.

Thanks for sharing this one with us! Below is my gameplay.

Loved the game! I wanted more of it! Thanks for sharing! Here is my gameplay

Great game! I enjoyed it, and I feel like it has a bigger message! Thank you for sharing! Here is my gameplay! 

So I loved this game, and did not know there were other cheetahmen back in the day until after my playthrough! Need more old school games like this!  Here is my video!

I love everything about this game! Thanks for sharing this game! Here is my gameplay vid

Had a fun time playing this game!