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A member registered Dec 14, 2020

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Hey! I dont know if ya remember me lol, Ive been following Lone Fungus for awhile, and was wondering if you'd let me interview you for my youtube channel! It's not big (only 440 subs) but as a studied game design myself, i'd LOVE to talk to you about the production of Lone Fungus, while showing off the trailer and stuff like that! Just an idea! (:

Hey dere! I put your game in my list of some really awesome other table top indies! I know that your game isnt like tabletop simulator btw lol, this is just a youtube friendly way of spreading indies! Here it is if ya wanna check it out!

Hey there! I liked your game and added it to my little list of indies like table top simulator! (: Im aware your game isnt actually like tabletop simulator, but I figured making videos like these is a good way to get indies exposure! Here it is if ya wanna see it!

Hey dere! I highlighted your game on my top 10 list about cool co-op indie horror games! I hope ya think its neat!

Hey there! I showcased your game on my list focusing on horror indie games! I hope ya like it!

Hey! I highlighted your game as apart of my top 10 on horror indie games! Yeah this uh. This isn't really a "horror game" at least not in the style I was focused on in this video lol, BUT I still legitimately think its a great co-op indie! So yeah! Here it is if ya wanna see it!