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It does, but I'd recommend you to make your tests unlisted until you have a playable game :3

Great lil game! Loving it!

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... I got called away and forgot about the game ;w;

Edit: doesn't show the image? Well, 400296 XD

...also, may be against my own playstyle, but you should make it so the summoned enemies don't drop stuff, or lower the chance on them.
I farmed those for a bit the first floor and then I was untouchable XD like 20 of each tool, tons of seeds, all from one room.

At one point, I spawned in my garden but there was a portal in the middle. I planted and organized my seeds, warped out on the normal one... and got sent to a level with my plants and a portal. Used the portal and I was back to my normal garden BEFORE I planted last time... so I lost everything I had used :c

I may be dumb. I see "join our discord", but I don't see the link to it?

Killed a Bountwin, the other froze and I can't go on :c

Now THIS is a fun porn game XD

... though, 99.83% and I lost? Darn it XD

En que lo trabajaste? Lenguaje, programa?

Ok, yup, that was it. It only seems like the number of roots that'll bug you that stage, didn't see any indication of needing to leave them ALL behind to progress~

Ahora que lo explicaste si tiene mas sentido~ =P

3 by 3 room. Touching the flower doesn't work.

Idea ain't bad, but when the most common death is "Enemy Spawned On You", is just not fun to play.

I... fell off the stage ._.

The fishes ate the boy on the way back. Lucky enough, there was another boy in the island XD

The biteback skill seems... unreliable. Sometimes it steals, sometimes it doesn't, and I have no idea why. But by now with 94 def and 113-141 attack, isn't like it matters much (?)

Three tries to understand it and won it~ Thanks for your comment at the end, and great game! :3

... interesting, I'll try that later, thanks~

Welp, seems like 14 is -still- dead, months after the comments down there. Shame, was really enjoying the game ^^

Campaign already started! Even better to use this since we start from lvl1.
So now that we leveled up for next session, my combat bonuses took a big leap, and the rest of the party will be QUITE surprised, they only know I'm a wizard! XD

I bought the first. Shown it to my DM.
Now I shown him the second, he bought it himself before I said anything else.

Next small campaign, I'm playing a Kinetic Mage XD

(Only thing we changed, we'll let the mage control Mage Hand with a bonus action. Given he's gifted the cantrip as a central thing, we wanted to make it more useful XD)

A quite simple and fun game~ I don't understand your language so I didn't get to read the text, yet I finished it with no issue, great job!

... ok, now THAT is something I didn't know about XD
WIll have to try next time I play!

Honestly, if the aiming is with the keyboard... is pointless to even use the mouse for shooting. Leave all the buttons on keyboard, or at least make it an option~

Yes, and that's where I'm farming them. The corner icons show what each area drops, I'm aware.
And I'm still getting apples and herbs constantly, with no mushrooms.

Tested it, good so far, but the random balance needs tweaking.
Currently on hand 20+ berries, 20+ herbs, 30+ crystals, and still not a second mushroom. =_=

Interesting mechanics, and a simple concept with a nice execution.
A couple small glitches though, like at a point I pushed some furniture and a monster saw me through it, but I couldn't repeat that glitch to screenshot it XD

Sooooooo... I broke the game ._.
I went in, heard the boss, followed them out.
Immediately checked friday, which made me understand the time mechanics.
Back to monday, found the technician.
Went to next day, got the soldering iron, nothing else.
Back to monday to deliver it.

Went out, and now can't click the day thingie...

Quite an interesting game.
Question, does making a double/triple/more give more souls, or just more score?

Yes I did 12 rounds!
Wait, it keeps going? Maybe it was 14 and I got that wrong?
... Ok, 20. I'll stop here XD

Also, a question! Sometimes after clearing an area, the shop button would appear, but clicking it led to an empty shop. Is that a glitch or I'm missing something?

Game isn't bad, but the upgrades lack some punch.
After all, once you get the mechanics at the start, you focus on making money then upgrade all, and you never use the low-level battle upgrades.
It would be neat if each area had a shop, for higher level things, so it makes sense to progress bit by bit instead of just.. maxing all up at the start.

Maybe also shortcuts, so if you die, you don't need to do ALL the areas from the start, area-specific upgrades that lower the number of enemies you need to progress. Maxing everything is too quick and after that there's no feel of progression.

Finds game looking for tag "Upgrades"
Last post, upgrades removed

Cute and simple~!

Farming the first enemy! XD

I understand!
Just felt like pointing it. It's a fun game, even if it went from raising a pet to raising a kid XD

... HP doesn't stop at max HP. So by hitting potions and coins you can farm levels at the first enemy if so desired XD

Also, she finally left. I would like the loads to also show me their stats when they left! XD

For bugfix~ adult genepet asked me about "the origin of species" if I'm not wrong. They were worried about being created instead of born.
In "The Differences", instead of their name it says [Petnname]
I assume the extra n tripped the value!

... a shame, it sounds nice in the description, but all I get is a black screen and music :c