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look mate I really appreciate that you want to play the game but it Is not that easy to create it for Mac cause i can't test it xD

Dude chill hahah I'll do it xD

Hey, Thanks for playing the Game! I hope you and fun I did have fun watching the Video xD. I really loved you're Humor and the ideas you had like changing the Car I never thought about that xD. The story was you're daughter died and Dr.James bought her back but as a Zombie. Still, the video was very good you surely earned yourself a new Sub!

Hey! It was sooo much fun to watch your Video. You even were the first person who got the story without me explaining it to him. I really liked how you tried finding out of bounce stuff and even got stuck somewhere. I surely will take a look at it and update it as soon as I can.

Hey! Thanks for playing it was very fun to watch your videos have yourself a good one;) xD

Hey! Thanks for playing the game. I Honestly can relate you're opinion because there are not a lot of stuff to interact if but while I programmed this game it was meant to as short like 2 min. Still, I hope you had fun playing it. The Story was that you're daughter died and a Ritual made her come back as a zombie the dead people in the room were person you killed to feed her

Thanks for Playing the game. I hope you had fun and got a bit of the story the game told you :)

Hey, Thanks for playing the Game! I hope you had fun. I really enjoyed watching you're video.

Hey Thanks for Playing the Game! I hope you had fun playing it. I really liked how you edited and it was really fun watching you play it. TBH the game was just a side project like I said in Description on Itch IO but you said you didn't read it. Actually the other Game I made Operation Anomaly is much better and Longer and it has a Story but still I can relate you're opinion xD

Hey Fellow Player xD! I really enjoyed watching your video and even I had to laugh at some Moments. It's so cool to see that you really are putting a lot of effort into your videos I mean you even looked up for out-of-bounce stuff truly Amazing! Fun fact: The levels all have their own Scenes it was just me who left all the other stuff in the levels hahah. I'm going to take a look at the PlayerPrefs. I hope you had fun and have a Good one!

Hey Thanks for playing! Hope you had real fun. I am Still working to fix some of the bugs

Its Out

Making games isn't that easy hahaha. This game is going to be longer

Hey Thanks for Playing the Game! If you really liked this game you probably could wait a bit longer because this was just a Side Project (thats why you couldn't pick up the Papers) I am working on a much longer and better Horror Game! If you want to play it you're Welcome