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Super hype for this, I’ve been looking for a way to “glue” html together for a bit and this might be the solution. I was wondering specifically, -will this support bitsy hacks and bitsy-likes -will there be a way to support branching paths through sequels/dlcs (like if you have certain achievements then you get to go down a certain path, butterfly effects ect.) -will you somehow make this ecosystem even CUTER????? /(Lighthearted) Thanks

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Windows 11 also clocks the app as a virus. It automatically deletes the file and I cant open it at all.

as a note ,it seems to not be compatible with drawing tablets at the moment seems realy interesting tho

question, is just the tool under cc 2.0 or is anything made by the tool under cc 2.0

do it while trying to look for something.

thats fine, thank you my friend.

howdy, i believe i found a bug you may want to squish.

When i use the maker then shift over to the brush tool, and use undo, the whole thing acts like it was made with the brush and all the lines go really tiny. the issue goes the other way around as well.

Thank for making this tool

TLDR- How do I draw the sprites and maps used in JSON in a game engine. (I personally use Godot)

Howdy,  I've been doodling around in bitsy for a while now and I'm thinking of taking a bitsy game and making it a hub/beginning  area for another project. Through my googling i could see how dialog could be implemented, however, with the sprite data being there I wonder if there's a way those can be drawn without me just redoing them all by hand. 

Thank you for reading,

Fizzy, the Plague on Hunamity

I thought it would just be a normal fruit cake, but I suppose it could be vegan.


Thank you for making this. It helped far more then you could think. Without this Jeffory wouldn't have gotten his flies. Jeffory thanks you. :3

Personally I don't believe in cencoring ideas. They are neccisary to confront our own beliefs and how we defend ourselves and our ideas, no matter how vial they may be. (racism, sexism and the like) If we cant confront them in the most interactive medium then where are we supposed to explore it. Im still going to follow the rules of the jam, but I just want to keep asking questions, That's all we can do to advance.

What if you have a character that is clearly an antagonist that says something bigoted, or they "say" it but it cencored? (Have an antagonist thats homophobic and it is relevent to the plot, not there for shock value) Also what about political themes that deal with bigotry or are commentaries on how people go down toxic rabbit holes? What about parody?