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Download WinRar or 7-zip. You will be able to extract the file that way.


I don't know if you know this, but, Unity has an input system that makes you able to move with arrow keys, not just WASD. If you walk using WASD, you get footsteps. If you walk with arrow keys, you don't get footsteps. Not criticizing you, just wanted to point something out.


Cool. I'm working on a game right now, and I wanna finish it before this jam, and then work on the game for the jam.

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It's ok. It's happened to me too as a game dev. Like with my game, I didn't know about IEnumerators and when the player got jumpscared, they could press any key to exit out. However, they were holding the w key, so the jumpscare lasted less than a second and it went to the game over scene. I fixed it, and if you wanted to see what it looked like, you can look in the videos of my game comment section. (It's in my profile.)

Good game, but the flashlight could be fixed. Also, the trigger that zooms in the camera down the stairs doesn't go away. I'm a game dev myself, and here is C# code to remove the trigger.

this.gameObject.GetComponent<BoxCollider>().enabled = false;


ok, is there a link?

Ok, thx. Where will you announce the winner? On itch?

Try playing it on a lower quality setting.

Is there a reward for winning the jam? Examples can be money, bragging rights, fame, etc.


Gave me some ideas for my second horror game.

No, on itch. Just go on my profile.

Good game, easy to learn controls and good story.

No, it's on On my profile.

The downside of Steam is that there's a hundred dollar fee for every game you upload. On a side note, my game (Duo's Game) got updated.

Nice, other youtubers, etc.

Lol, he might set the house on fire.

Ok. I'm a game developer myself, (I made a game and posted it here and working on another one) and I know that AI and other things can be buggy.

I wish we could hide while in her sight, because I just hid in time, but she saw me and I died.

Try downloading winRar or 7-zip to extract the file.

Happy 4th birthday to EFB

Just updated it.

Excellent graphics! I thought this was made in Unreal Engine.

Thanks. There is a big update coming up soon.

D'oh people are ripping off your game?

The secret tape is really cool!

Why is this game nearly a GB large?

Oh. I'm still learning Blender, and I'm making an update to my game right now.

Nice game. What modeling tool do you use?

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Congrats! I'm making the update for my game right now. Expect the following:

Expanded Map

Enemy AI

Live action videos

And more! 

Also, the game is now 32 bit so more people can play it.

Edit: So, I just updated it today, and it doesn't have all of the stuff that I mentioned, but it got a major update.

Additionally, the game is now 32 bit to make sure just about every windows device can play on it.

You're welcome. I made a horror game myself. Currently making a full version of it.

Nice game! Can't wait to see what the third ending is.

Worth playing! I think this game will be popular

It's for PC, Mac, and Linux only as far as I know.

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Can't wait for the new game. I make games myself, and I'm just learning Unity C#. You're a role model for beginners like me. :)

Edit: Got this strange thing when Marge detected a floor above me when I was in Maggie's room!

Here's what happened. I was backing up near the window in Maggie's room,(I think I had my flashlight off) when all of a sudden Marge just came in the room! I don't know how she detected me when I was nowhere in sight! Still, good game. Trying to beat level 2 in Chapter 1. Edit again(just beat it)