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If the owners find it he could get in trouble

Heh I made a duolingo game a while back if you want to check it out. Creative name choice!

Had you played this game in the summer of 2022, you would've seen it's low quality more. It was first made when I knew close to nothing about game development, and I really wanted it to get it out in June. If you scroll down in the comments, you can see two small YouTubers who played 1.0

Thanks for playing! What made it lower quality?


Thanks! Once I get a good system for game devleloping, development will resume right away!

okay have fun 

I see. Still waiting to develop my game which hasn’t been worked on since May…

So when did you play them? No one has downloaded one of my games since January.

How many months did this game take to make?

Thank you very much. It’ll take a while because I can’t develop it right now but stay tuned for my next game 

Thanks, hope you liked it.  I've made other horror games if you want to check them out

Late question but how was the webcam trick?

Tips I saw and learned: Only turn on the detector right when you're about to leave. If you turn on your detector and wait even a few seconds, Arthur or his Dad could be in the next room and kill you.

The dev has repeatedly stated that he won’t make Chapter 4

This was a good game! I was spooked out not knowing if I would get jumpscared or not.

Night 4 is difficult, I speak from personal experience. You need to get lucky that night. Also, as I'm typing this in my time zone, today is the five year anniversary this game was published.



Was it easy or hard to figure out?



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Now it says it's empty.

I've never used GameJolt either.

Just found this on GameJolt, good game. Got the "bad" ending.

You're welcome!

Great game! A bit hard at first, but short and sweet. You always make the players of your game master the game before they beat it.

They did the same thing with Five Nights at Shrek's Hotel. Now it's Five Nights at Grek's Hotel

They had to change the characters because of copyright.

he used the SpongeBob font

When I first saw this game, I thought three-headed santa was a posessed chihuahua

Good gameplay

They're safe programs. WinRar 7-zip Don't worry if winrar says you have to pay, just close the message and you can continue extracting.

Download WinRar or 7-zip. Then extract the file.

I use Unity.

What engine do you use to make games?


I like the gameplay. However, I'm not the developer of this game.

Can you provide screenshots/video?