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Could be. Without the .png extension, it probably wouldn't work in a game engine for example. If you re-upload with the name change, that would fix it.

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The file is named: "emojis".
It should be named: "emojis.png".
These look great, by the way!

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Any chance of getting a batch feature to convert an entire folder of images and export them all at once?

Looks awesome! You should make a thread for this game on!

Looks like a great tool!
A couple feature ideas for batch processing:
1) Auto trim/crop image to smallest non-transparent pixel dimensions for export.
2) Smart detect non-transparent background color, and auto-remove background from image (then crop for export.)
(Maybe if 3 out of 4 corner pixels are the same color, that color is probably a background color and can be removed.)

Sorry for the confusion. I meant "bigger sets" as in more characters.
Even if it's just different clothes / hairstyles.
I look forward to seeing more! Great work! :D

Absolutely fantastic.
If you can make bigger sets of these, I would be happy to purchase.
These are the best retro style characters I've seen on here.
(Any plans for monsters?)

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Oh! I see now.

So "share" just means make it easy for the player to find the source of the assets (e.g., via links and artist information in the credits and text file, etc.) so they can also purchase them if they wish.

Awesome. Thanks for the clarification!