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The Mac build doesn't work. It won't launch

Yeah I remember yt videos of people playing it.


I can't get past the night with the 2 damaged paintings...

I like it! This was really cute :) maybe one day you can add more!

I absolutely love this game! The graphic were beautiful, game play mechanics were great, the puzzles were challenging but not too hard. The only issue is it over heat my laptop from time to time, but other wise no issue. I really hope you continue on this, as a series. Best Indie game I`ve played in a long time! 

I can't get past the chest part.

Will this game come out to Mac? It looks so cute!

Fun game! Controls relatively well. I can't wait to see what gets add late on in development. Maybe some farming, food, building can one day be added?

Love the concept, but I had a lot of bugs happened to the point that I couldn't finish it. Any of the safes (outside of the first room) that I exit out of freezes the screen but I can still move, and when you go into the room you need the handle for it is all black with text along the side saying false. Please fix these game breaking bugs, this was on the MAC version. Thank you

I can't wait for an update!

Liked it. 

You're supposed to get personal items and throw them in a pit, but I cannot find all of them without dying.

It was so fun! I was concerned about game mechanics, manly shooting a gun to grow plants, but it really worked! I would love to see this idea be expanded on, even if its just new areas and crops. I've been looking for a good farming game, and this is one of the most interesting ones out there!