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Great :) Could you provide an updated demo?

Is the options menu fixed on linux? The text wasn't appearing for me in the demo.

The dialogue text is broken for me:

Broken dialogue text

Also I think the game doesn't save the settings if you quit by leaving the game by pressin 'escape' while you're playing and then selecting escape to desktop, it only saved it for me when i quit in the 'pre-game' part.

I love the soundtrack in this game! And the general style, the dreamy music combined with the colours and such, in a fast paced bull hell game

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This fixed it for me, thanks!! But how do I specify launch options so it runs it with '-screen-fullscreen 0' all the time? I ran it in the terminal using `./Lumiette\ for\ Linux.x86_64 -screen-fullscreen 0`.

I hope the game is fixed so this isn't needed