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Umm... I realize that but facilitating it is probably a bad idea.   Report a player is sorely needed however as well as some screen name filtering.   Screen names currently seem to be a contest of who can be more vulgar or racist. 

Great work on the new patch!  Just wanted to say something needs to be done about offensive names in the game.  Almost every game has someone named a racial slur.  


That sucks but it's even worse when the host abuses their powers and kicks you because you killed them or because you figured out they were imposter.  I'm happy it's gone.

I'm so glad you guys removed the in-game banning.  Every other game the host would abuse this by kicking the imposter when they were killed or by kicking people that witnessed their kills when they were imposter.   I reached the point where I would only play by hosting a game to avoid this. 

I strongly disagree.   Playing with friends makes it exceptionally easy to cheat.   This game is a rare case where it's better experienced with randoms.