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it good

Will this be able to work on a computer?

Well, hostile NPCs.

I also have an idea, if the cube you're in gets expanded, I feel like enemies looking for whoever killed someone in a group if someone in said group dies, but they know who it is immediantly if they see you go back there to kill them. (Please correct me if I spelt immediantly wrong.)

What I'm asking is if it's a weapon or just nothing.


Hey, is there a point for the uuh, N O T H I N G tool? Is it just N O T H I N G .


If you can, then do so.

Thanks for letting me know!

If it does happen.

I would REALLY like to see what happens next.

If not, can you add it, or is it only for VR?

Does the Garden Example have a non-VR version? I would really like to try it, but I don't have a VR.

Just a question, is there a way to see the controls? Or is there only grab, jump, punch and look?

Or does the Hyper Gun NOT exist?

Is the Hyper Gun meant to be the Peanut Gun when bought?